Norman and Evert: We're not home wreckers!

Norman and Evert: We’re not home wreckers!

"Why is divorce so expensive?" the old jokes goes. "Because it’s worth it."
Norman didn’t actually tell that one on the Australian TV show 60
last Sunday, but he came pretty close. Appearing with new wife Chris Evert, Norman took aim at his ex-wife Laura Andrassy’s allegations that Evert was a "predator" and her hints that Evert and Norman began their affair while they were both in previous marriages, or, as the host puts it to Norman in the expressive Aussie vernacular, "She said you cut your mate’s lunch." Not so, Norman said, it was actually Andrassy who asked for a divorce."In December 2005 we were at a ranch and Laura asked for a divorce," he said.

"She packed her bags. "My parents were at the ranch (with them) and Laura said, ‘Aren’t
you going to tell them?’, right in front of them, and I was, ‘OK,
Laura’s asked for a divorce and she’s leaving’. That was it. I drove
her to the airport, and that was it.
"That’s a fact. "That’s how the situation started unraveling." The
real "Wow!" moment of the interview came when Norman described what it’s
like to write a check for $100 million, the amount of Andrassy’s divorce settlement. "It’s good to know you have it," Norman said. "It’s the price you pay for freedom."
Evert strikes back too, saying that Andrassy’s accusations are untrue and "come from a place of pain." She then suggests that Andrassy "get a job."
The program shows video of Andrassy drinking wine with her friends in what could be an outtake from The
Real Housewives of New South Wales
, but when asked about Norman and
Evert’s interview, she takes the high road.
"In respect for my marriage of 25 years, I have no comment on the interview," Andrassy said in a statement.

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