Tiger vs. Rubik's Cube

Tiger vs. Rubik’s Cube

First he walked on water. Now Tiger Woods performs another amazing feat: He solves Rubik’s Cube in the latest web promo for EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 video game. Check it out here.

Woods, who was 4-years-old in 1980 when the Rubik’s Cube fad first hit the U.S., solves the puzzle and continues to actually putt the cube in the hole from what looks to be about 15 feet . Last week, EA Sports launched its first “viral” web commercial for the game on YouTube. In that clip, Tiger responded to a “glitch” in the game posted on YouTube that allowed video players to make a “Jesus shot,” where video Tiger walks on water to hit a shot from a hazard. In the EA response, the real Tiger walks across a pond to hit a ball resting on a lily pad.
The Rubik’s Cube video was filmed the same day. According to the Motion Theory production company, Tiger and the director Mathew Cullen didn’t have much time to film the video, called “Square Peg, Round Hole." On Tiger’s first attempt, the cube smashed into pieces. On just the second try, Tiger drains it and yells, “Solved!” It’s easy to understand why he’s so stoked. The putt actually breaks a little and the cube’s size — more than two inches across — means Tiger doesn’t have much breathing room to fit the cube in the four-and-a-quarter-inch diameter hole. And we thought that bumpy 12-footer to force a playoff at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines was tough!

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