Weather report: morning fog

Weather report: morning fog

You could hear the fighter planes overhead on Monday and Tuesday, but you couldn’t see them thanks to the "marine layer" of fog that enveloped Torrey Pines. The sun finally broke through Wednesday, and according to USGA meteorologist Greg Quinn, it will continue to do so, raising temperatures to the mid-70s by the weekend.June11_fog

"Marine layer is basically the air near the surface is going to acquire the same properties as the ground below it–the water, in this case," Quinn said. "You have a layer of air that takes on those qualities, whatever the temperature of the ocean is. Some days it’s low, 100 feet, and other days its 3,000 feet, and that depends on meteorological conditions."

Although the temperature was only in the mid-60s on Monday and Tuesday, it was close to 70 on Wednesday. The sun is expected to be an increasing presence, Quinn said, with one caveat: there could be an early fog delay Thursday or Friday.

"With high pressure and a thin marine layer, we could have a bit of that fog because the winds aren’t there to mix it up," Quinn said. "That happened at Pebble Beach in 2000, although it was most of the day. In this case it would be just in the morning, generally before 9 a.m."
(Photo: Robert Beck/SI)

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