Tiger’s Tuesday press conference

June10_tiger_pressconf Tiger Woods gave a press conference today at Torrey Pines in San Diego. He was asked about a few hot topics, including being grouped with Phil Mickelson, but his knee was the focus.  On the grouping:"I like it. I like the way they did, 1 through 12 the way
they did that. I think it’s exciting for the fans, exciting for the
players. We all are looking forward to it. I haven’t heard one negative
thing about it yet. Everyone I’ve talked to just being at home and
practicing is really looking forward to seeing all those guys grouped

Because we really don’t. We’re usually spread out. You don’t get pairings like that until maybe Saturday or Sunday." He took a range of questions about the knee: Is it fully recovered?"Probably not." When did you know you were going to come back for the Open?"Probably during the week of Memorial. The week prior to
Memorial I was not feeling good enough where I was a hundred percent
sure I could play all four days. But then my leg started getting a lot
better quickly, which was great. I started to do — my lifting went way
up. My endurance came back. All the different things started coming up.
So probably during the week of Memorial."

During any of these practice rounds, has there been a 
shot or anything that you felt a twinge or anything that would give 
you concern?
"It’s a little sore, but not anything that I haven’t dealt with before."

As the questions kept coming, he grew less expansive. 

Can you say in percentage terms how fit your knee is 
now? Have you been told you need to make any adjustments to 
prevent further problems in the future?
"It’s feeling better."

Did he only play nine holes Monday and Tuesday because that was the plan, or because of how he was feeling?"Both. It’s because that’s the way I was feeling that’s the way I was playing."

Is there a reason 
why you haven’t walked 18? Could that be an issue this week?
"No, I’ll be fine."
You can read the entire transcript at asapsports.com. Photo: Robert Beck/SI

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