Newsman says, 'What a stupid I [almost] am'

Newsman says, ‘What a stupid I [almost] am’

SAN DIEGO – Craig Dolch, the fine golf writer for the Palm Beach Post, was shaking his head this morning when 33-year-old Justin Hicks took an early lead at the U.S. Open. Hicks, a Nationwide Tour and minitour veteran playing in his second Open, lives in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., so Dolch wrote a short piece about him for the Monday paper. Unfortunately, the story got bumped by breaking news, so Dolch held on to it until Wednesday, when he planned to file it for the Post’s Open notebook.

Only Dolch couldn’t find the story in his computer. “I forgot how I slugged it,” he said this morning. “I tried all day to find it, and it was lost. But I really didn’t want to re-write the story.”

Dolch kept trying. He was on the shuttle bus back to the media hotel, scrolling through his inventory, when he finally found the fugitive item. He “called the desk,” as they say in the newspaper biz, got assurance that they had room for the Hicks note, and filed at 10 p.m. EDT.

“It made the paper,” said a relieved Dolch. “Otherwise, I’d be feeling like Roberto di Vicenzo – ‘a stupid.’ I’d be the writer who lost his story about a local guy who was leading the U.S. Open.” Here’s Dolch’s story – assuming it hasn’t gone missing again.

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