Tiger named the fittest of them all

May 17, 2008

Tiger Woods must have the most impressive resume of any college dropout since Bill Gates. And the accolades and honors don’t stop even when he’s not playing.
This week, as Woods rehabbed his knee in Florida, Men’s Fitness magazine named him the “Fittest Guy in America.” The award might not be on the level of a Masters title, but Woods did face some toughTiger_300x450 competition from the likes of Will Smith, Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley and someone called “Mark Steines.”

When you look at old photos, Woods’s transformation from a lanky college kid to his current superhero-in-disguise physique is even more impressive. Last year he gave an excellent interview to Men’s Fitness, where he described his fitness routine, which consists of stretching, weight training and distance running. (His trainer, however, would not reveal how much Woods can lift.) Woods enhances his weight training with extensive core training (“I like doing situps, thoroughly enjoy them,” he says. “I think they’re fun. You have that lactic acid buildup and you can still go through it. I just enjoy the feeling of it.”) and running, including three-mile “speed” runs and “endurance” runs of up to seven miles. (“I just enjoy running; it’s fun to me,” says Woods. “Some people hate it. But I get a nice sense of calm in running. I just find it peaceful.”) Those gym rats at Men’s Fitness clearly respect the world’s best player, but we’re not sure how much they respect golf. Here’s the first reason Men’s Fitness gives for selecting Woods: “Because he made us care about a sport we didn’t think was, well, a sport.”
(Photo: Robert Beck/SI)