Early Father's Day gift idea?

Early Father’s Day gift idea?

Before the first round of the Players really started to heat up, a large box was deposited on the desk next to me, where my SI colleague John Garrity has been sitting. Tiger20_200 It was The Book. The box contained copies of John’s new "Tiger 2.0," a collection of his finest work from SI, which is pretty fine. "Hey, what’s this title mean–Tiger twenty?" I asked, playing the wise guy.
Never mind that, the book is worth the price just for David Feherty’s introduction, which is roast-worthy material, starting with this opening sentence: "John Garrity is an imposing specimen from a distance, standing as he does at what seems around nine feet tall…"
Later, Feherty offers this realization: "Hell, I’m trying to sell books myself, so why am I promoting this giant invisible a–hole who churns out quality writing in such prolific quantities that this book is no doubt a mere fraction of what will appear in later volumes, thereby knocking my own work off the shelves of booksellers and into the two-buck bargain bins? He’s done it to me, the bastard…"
Hilarious stuff. I haven’t read the book but I’ve already read John’s articles over the years. The book is probably even better than Feherty’s intro, if that’s possible.
I have one word of advice for you: Buy it.
(I would but I just swiped one out of the stack on John’s desk. Don’t tell him.)

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