Can I put these on Brett's tab, too?

Can I put these on Brett’s tab, too?

I ventured into the clubhouse golf shop to buy a couple of Masters hats (and no, they’re not for you) that a friend had requested. I took the hats to the checkout counter and while I waited, someone struck up a conversation with the person who was in line behind me. Wetterich_300 I didn’t glance back until I heard him say, "I’m at four over."
"Is that going to make the cut?" a shop worker asked.
"Yeah, it should. I hope so," the man said. "It’s in right now."
"Well, good luck, hope you make it," the worker said, then added, "What do you need?"
"Oh, I’m just picking up some balls," the man said.
"We’ll take care of it," the worker said.
"You’ll just put it on my tab?" the man asked.
"Yes," he was assured.
"Thanks," said Brett Wetterich, who led after the first two rounds of last year’s Masters. He then walked out the back door carrying a dozen souvenir Masters-logoed Titleists in a box.
I was going to suggest to the clerk that he put the two hats I was holding on Wetterich’s tab, too, but at Augusta National, you never assume anyone has a sense of humor. (Photo: Al Tielemans/SI)

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