Feherty: Show will go on

April 9, 2008

Feherty_300 CBS Golf personality and Golf Magazine columnist David Feherty said on the Dan Patrick radio show Wednesday morning that he will return to work this week after a bicycle accident left him with broken ribs and a punctured lung.
"The entire right side of my body is perfect," Feherty said. "So I can drive as long as I just make right turns. It’s very difficult to plot a route that way. Sometimes you have to go 50, 60 miles in the wrong direction, but I can do it."
Feherty also said the timing of his accident, in which he was sideswiped by a truck while riding near his home in Dallas, was fortuitous. It came during the Florida swing, which is televised by NBC, and Feherty’s first event back is one in which he does considerably less walking than usual.
"Fortunately this is the one tournament of the year where I don’t walk," he said. "I’m at the 15th tower and I cover the 15th and the 4th holes only."
Asked for his prediction, Feherty replied, "If it’s not Mickelson or Woods I’ll be surprised." Click here to listen to the complete broadcast, and you can read his best lines from the interview here. (Photo: Fred Vuich/SI)