Els to make it official: He's with Harmon

Els to make it official: He’s with Harmon

Ernie Els, a longtime student of David Leadbetter, will confirm later this week that he has changed swing coaches. He is the latest Butch Harmon convert on the PGA Tour. After the two were seen working together at the CA Championship in Miami last month, Els’s camp called it a one-off and denied any official partnership. Harmon, too, declined comment, but as he was waiting to board his flight from Atlanta to Augusta on Monday, the coach was asked again about Els. While Harmon emphasized that the coaching change was a delicate matter, he confirmed it’s official.
Harmon said Els had grooved some surprisingly bad habits into his swing (too narrow, too open at the top), especially considering the Big Easy, with his famously languid swing, won just last month.
"I said, ‘How did you win Honda?’" Harmon said. "He said, ‘Smoke and mirrors.’"

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