Els discusses Florida move and his son’s autism

April 9, 2008

Ernie Els, who recently revealed that his son Ben is autistic, said Tuesday his family will be moving to Palm Beach, Florida, partly to help the family cope with his son’s condition. Els_200"They are very advanced [in autism awareness] here in the U.S., and that’s why decided to move over here," Els said.
"My off-season, the end of October till February, when I stayed in England, you know, that’s the worst time of the year in England," he continued. "So to practice is very difficult. I used to go to the Callaway facility which is not too far away and go practice in the net, but you want to hit golf balls in the sunshine. And especially–when we go to South Africa in December, that’s kind of our little holiday time, and that’s smack in the middle of the summer in South Africa, and so you go back to England from South Africa and you’re not really in a good frame of mind. So we decided to move to Florida and school our kids there. There’s a great facility for Ben down there, so it makes sense." (Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)