What We’re Thankful For in Golf 2009

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This year we're giving thanks to another exciting year in golf. Tiger returned from the disabled list, several young stars took their games to new heights and there is plenty to look forward to in 2010. Here's what we're thankful for most this year ... Michelle Wie finally winning her first LPGA Tour event.
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, um, confidence.
3 of 17 Ben Van Hook
— led by Ty Votaw — getting golf back into the Olympics.
4 of 17 Douglas Healey/AP
inspiring comeback.
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2010 is a Ryder Cup year.
6 of 17 Scott Halleran/Getty Images
finding a playing partner in team events.
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living up to the hype.
8 of 17 Dave Martin/Getty Images
making us feel better about our golf swings.
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getting the LPGA Tour back on track.
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China having a World Golf Championship event.
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knee recovering.
12 of 17 John Biever/SI
showing no fear against Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship.
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defying his age.
14 of 17 Fred Vuich/SI
A fitting end to the FedEx Cup.
15 of 17 Andrew Redington/Getty Images
finding his putting stroke.
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17 of 17 Evan Schiller
is only 4 1/2 months away.