What the No-Backswing Swing Fixes

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The No-Backswing Swing: What it Fixes The NBS eliminates the backswing errors shown in this gallery. Taken as a whole, these errors, which are evident in the swings of 90 percent of all amateur players, make up almost 70 percent of all mistakes. Left: Thin shots — Backswing sway Too much slide, not enough turn. Right: Fat Shots/Slices — Reverse pivot Weight stranded over left foot.
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Left: No Power — Collapsed arms Elbows break down. Right: Pull/Over the Top — Inside takeaway Club moves off plane and behind your body.
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Left: Steep Swing/Slice — Outside takeaway Club moves off plane and in front of your body. Right: Slice — Fanned clubface Hands over-rotate and open the clubface.
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Left: Hook — Shut clubface Hands don't rotate and keep the clubface closed. Right: Steep Swing/Pull-Slice — Across the line Shaft points way right of the target.
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Left: Flat Swing/Hook/Push — Laid off Shaft points way left of target. Right: Early Release — Over-hinged Wrists break down at the top.
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Left: Late Release — Under-hinged Wrists hinge too late. Right: No Power — Turning/No coil Upper and lower body turn the same amount.