Tiger Woods Potential Ryder Cup dates

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The Ryder Cup is all about the WAGs (wives and girlfriends). That puts Tiger Woods in an uncomfortable position. Sure, he could go stag to team functions like Hunter Mahan in 2008, but that doesn't feel like Tiger's style. (Plus, Mahan will have a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader on his arm this time.) Here are our suggestions for Ryder Cup dates for Tiger, you know, just in case he asks. Jessica Simpson Relationship to Tiger: Both Simpson and Woods denied reports that he gave her a golf lesson, but they probably know each other through Simpson ex Tony Romo, who is a friend of Tiger's. Pros: She's used to dating famous guys (Romo, John Mayer, ex-husband Nick Lechey). Plus, we know Tiger likes blondes. Cons: She might ask to sing at team functions.
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Rachel Uchitel Relationship to Tiger: Uchitel is the Tiger Woods of Tiger Woods's mistresses, the World No. 1. Pros: We know Rachel isn't averse to publicity, and she'll get Team USA members into all the hot VIP clubs in Wales. Cons: Celebrity media will attend and ruin event by inappropriately asking Tiger newsworthy questions at news conferences.
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Kelly Tilghman Relationship to Tiger: Golf Channel anchor Tilghman is friends with Woods and appears on the EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour video games. Pros: She'll be in Wales and owes Tiger one for backing her during the "lynch him in a back alley" controversy a couple years back. Cons: Tilghman could be upset that Woods claims to rarely watch golf on TV and to never listen to the commentators.
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Christina Kim Relationship to Tiger: Fellow high-profile professional golfer Pros: We know tough-talking Kim won't put up with any nonsense from the Tour wives, the media, or even Tiger. Cons: We can't understand why she wears two pairs of sunglasses at the same time.
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Martha Burk Relationship to Tiger: Burk is a fierce critic of the male-only membership policy at Augusta National, the site of some of Tiger's greatest professional triumphs. Pros: Tiger wins points for reaching out to one of golf's most vocal critics. Cons: Burk unlikely to accept. Here's what she told The New York Daily News about Tiger's post-scandal return at the Masters: "I think this is a safe haven for him. They're all chauvinists themselves. It's a perfect fit. He'll be welcomed. These people have a fundamental disregard for women."
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Chelsea Clinton Relationship to Tiger: Tiger has played golf with her father. Pros: Fellow Stanford alums would have lots to talk about. Cons: Chelsea's recent marriage.
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Jennifer Aniston Relationship to Tiger: None Pros: She's single and she wouldn't be after Tiger for his money. Cons: Adding Tiger to the Aniston-Jolie-Pitt love triangle would slow Internet traffic to a crawl and might cause Mary Hart's head to explode.
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Kultida Woods Relationship to Tiger: Mother Pros: She's stood by her son throughout his difficult year. Cons: Hurts his mystique. Hunter Mahan brings a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader to Wales and Woods brings his mom? Not likely.
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Joanna Page Relationship to Tiger: None. Pros: Page was voted No. 1 sexiest woman in Wales by WalesOnline.com and could help get the potentially hostile Celtic Manor crowd in Tiger's corner. Cons: Possible Team Europe mole.
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Josefin Nordegren Relationship to Tiger: Ex-sister-in-law. Pros: Elin's identical twin (left) already knows Tiger. Plus, he can fool the other players' wives and say he's reconciled with Elin. Cons: She's a lawyer, and Tiger can't afford another costly relationship.
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Sergio Garcia Relationship to Tiger: Fellow Tour player, Ryder Cup rival. Pros: Lovelorn Serge needs a date too as Team Europe's assistant captain. Cons: Who's going to be the wingman at the afterparty?