Twitter Pics of Cabot Links

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Golf Magazine editor Eamon Lynch was one of the lucky few who got a tee time at the debut of Cabot Links in Nova Scotia. Check out his tweets and photos from his round. "@eamonlynch: Sunset at Cabot Links, Nova Scotia."
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"@eamonlynch: Proud papas: @cabotlinks owners Ben Cowan-Dewar (left) and Mike 'Bandon Dunes' Keiser greet players on the 1st tee."
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"@eamonlynch: The lodges at @cabotlinks."
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"@eamonlynch: Looking back down the 18th fairway toward Cabot's version of Ailsa Craig. A hell of a carry."
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"@eamonlynch: On the first @cabotlinks"
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"@eamonlynch: Standing by the first tee looking across the 5th green to the Gulf of St Lawrence. ‪#cabotlinks"
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"@eamonlynch: The opening tee shot @cabotlinks. Blind, beautiful, brawny."
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"@eamonlynch: The approach to the first. The pastor skipped the bunker. Blesses himself."
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"@eamonlynch: The second green, ending a 620-yard par-5."
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"@eamonlynch: View from 4th tee with the offending foursome. Pastor refuses to smite them. Says he needs them in pew. ‪#selfish‬"
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"@eamonlynch: The 13th green, seen from the 4th fairway."
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"@eamonlynch: Groups putting on the shared double green for 4 and 13. Pastor's game betraying signs of doubt and little conviction."
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"@eamonlynch: From the 5th tee."
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"@eamonlynch: The Biarritz green at the 7th, which is 247 yards from the tips. Into the wind."
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"@eamonlynch: The green on the short par-4 8th."
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"@eamonlynch: The 10th green, playing 195 yards today."
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"@eamonlynch: The 10th green set against MacIssac's Pond."
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"@eamonlynch: My favorite hole, the 9th, which doglegs left around MacIssac's Pond. Birdie yesterday, today....."
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"@eamonlynch: The blind 2nd shot at the par-5 13th.... View from over the hill to follow."
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"@eamonlynch: The approach to 13."
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"@eamonlynch: The Danny DeVito of @cabotlinks: short and nasty. 100 yards."
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"@eamonlynch: The inviting 15th"
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"@eamonlynch: The bunker fronting 15, from which @stephaniewei needed 10 swings to escape last year."
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"@eamonlynch: Looking back down 15. The Pastor and I credit different architects for this beauty. ‪#RodWhitman‬"
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"@eamonlynch: The approach to 16."
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"@eamonlynch: The par-3 17th, 127 today."
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"@eamonlynch: The Pastor needs to pray over this one behind the 17th."
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"@eamonlynch: The 18th tee. Aim at the Pastor's office, the towers right of the clubhouse."
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"@eamonlynch: Home."