Ian Poulter Twitter pics of pros with Fat Booth App

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Ian Poulter had some fun Thursday night, giving his fellow Tour pros a chunky makeover with the help of a photo app called Fat Booth. It all began with this photo of Lee Westwood, after which no one was safe. IanJamesPoulter: @westwoodlee how's the food down in Sun City. go easy.
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As if Lebron James wasn't getting enough grief in Cleveland last night, Poulter, who had been watching the Heat-Cavaliers game, gave Lebron the chunky makeover. IanJamesPoulter: Sorry last 1. Lebron James I would like to see him try and dunk it with this much weight on.
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IanJamesPoulter: Last one for tonight Monty. I have to stop I'm laughing to much.
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IanJamesPoulter: @CamiloVillegasR Camilo this is what u would look like if you stopped all that gym work
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IanJamesPoulter: @justinrose99 Justin you been at them burgers again.
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IanJamesPoulter: @Mcilroyrory ha ha ha ha love it
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IanJamesPoulter: @bubbawatson hey mate couldn't help it I'm crying doing these.
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IanJamesPoulter: Ok here is a Chunky tiger, this app is cracking me up.
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Then it was back to ribbing his fellow Tour pros. IanJamesPoulter: @Graeme_McDowell have you been eating all the pies. I can't wait to get a picture of Connor
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IanJamesPoulter: Or the chunky Ryder Cup poults. Ha Ha Ha Ha
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Poulter then tweeted two photos of himself. IanJamesPoulter: This is what I might look like if I don't get back in the gym. so funny.
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IanJamesPoulter: Promise last 1 it's Big Phil.