Turn your cart into your couch

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CART PARTS Turn any golf cart into your couch away from home Caddy Escalade Golf Cart The mother of all golf carts comes with a Cadillac front grill, a front and rear ice chest, and can be equipped with 17" rims. Trophy wife not included. luxurycarts.com, starting at $18,250.
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Legend 12 Fender Mount Cooler The upside? Cold beer on call. The downside? Ticking off the cart girl. buggiesunlimited.com, $50.99
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Bag Boy NXO Revolver Golf Bag The agonizing days of reaching over your driver to get your putter are no more! With Bag Boy's patented revolving top, you can make your clubs come to you. edwinwatts.com, $159.95
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Classic Fairway Seat Cover Built to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this fleece cover will make you feel like you're lounging on a bed of sheep. nextag.com, $24.99