Tiger Woods El Cardonal Golf Course in Cabo San Lucas

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Tiger Woods and Diamante CEO Ken Jowdy tour the Woods-designed El Cardonal Golf Course in Cabo San Lucas.
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The second hole at El Cardonal. The course is named for the former ranch at the site.
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The third hole at El Cardonal, a short par 4 with a water hazard. The course's 18 holes are constructed on part of the 1,500-acre property overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
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Tiger Woods stands near the seventh green at El Cardonal. His course will be the second at Diamante, joining Davis Love III's Dunes Course, which is 52nd on Golf Magazine's Top 100 Courses in the world.
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The fairway on El Cardonal's fifth hole. Tiger has said the course is influenced by the traditional-style courses in Southern California, including Riviera and Los Angeles Country Club.
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The view from the tee on the 13th hole. El Cardonal will be the first course Woods has completed. Previous projects, including Punta Brava in Mexico, The Cliffs at High Carolina and Al Ruwaya in Dubai, were scuttled by the Great Recession.
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The fairway and green on El Cardonal's 13th hole. Said Tiger, "Regardless of your handicap, there are going to be different ways to play every hole. Angles of approach are going to be very important and will dictate the type of shots you should consider. I love this kind of golf.”
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The 14th hole.
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Tiger gets a view of the 12th hole.
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