Tour Pros Before They Hit It Big

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Vijay Singh PGA Tour earnings: $64,852,519 Singh used to do odd jobs to pay the rent — including a stint in the 1980s as a bouncer at an Edinburgh nightclub. The worst part of working the door, Singh says, was turning away inebriated partiers who he worried would later jump him in the parking lot. Here are some less dangerous jobs that today's pros did before they made millions.
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Mark Calcavecchia PGA Tour earnings: $24,013,332 "When I was 16, I was a bag boy at a Winn-Dixie in Florida. I wasn't a very good bag boy, but [the manager] liked me, so he promoted me to frozen foods. I froze my ass off. He was always asking, 'Where's Mark?' Well, I was in the bathroom warming up."
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Brian Davis PGA Tour earnings: $8,690,409 "I worked part-time delivering flowers. One Valentine's Day, I delivered a bunch of flowers to a woman who threw them back over my head. Obviously her guy was in a bit of trouble! Another time I turned up at an office full of girls, and as I opened the door they started cheering. They thought I was a male stripper. I said, 'Trust me — you don't want to see me naked.'"
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Steve Marino PGA Tour earnings: $8,668,719 "I worked as a caddie at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Lake Manassas, Va., during my last year of college. I hated caddying because everybody sucked. They were bad. It took forever."
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Kevin Streelman PGA Tour earnings: $4,785,067 "My first job was as a janitor at a roofing company. I would go after school my senior year and clean floors and throw away garbage to save a couple of bucks for college. I had gotten a golf scholarship for the fall. My parents said, 'You have to get a job.' I've always had to work, so I don't take anything for granted. Each year, each tournament, is a blessing."
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Scott Verplank PGA Tour earnings: $26,933,774 "I worked in a Dallas department store for three months when I was 16. It was terrible. I remember working on a Saturday in January. It was 70 degrees, and the sun was out. That was my last day."
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Boo Weekley PGA Tour earnings: $7,319,656 "I used to be a hydroblaster. I cleaned out lines at a chemical plant for three years until I turned pro. We cleaned out tanks, sewer lines, everything. It was nasty."