Top 10 Quotes of Week (Harbour Town)

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"Boston is where I'm from. I love the city. Everyone up there is family." --PGA Tour player James Driscoll on donating $1,000 for every birdie he makes in his next two tournaments to One Fund Boston.
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"If you think about the difference between the women and the men, it really boils down to three things. It's how far they hit the ball, how much spin they put on the ball and just their ability to move the ball out of the U.S. Open rough." --Mike Davis on the challenge of playing both the men’s and women’s U.S. Open on successive weeks at Pinehurst in 2014.
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“Pat Summerall was a hero to me. I treasured the gift of friendship that I had with him. I was his understudy for 10 years. He could not have been more generous or kind to a young broadcaster." --Jim Nantz on Pat Summerall, who died Tuesday at age 82. Summerall was part of CBS Sports’ Masters broadcasts from 1968-94.
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“I'm not single at all. I am very much in a relationship, and very happy at the moment.” --Adam Scott on reports that The Bachelor producers want him for their next season.
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“We had quite a few beers, both of us, when we spoke to each other.” --Ernie Els on celebrating his good friend Adam Scott's Masters win.
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“Everyone is so happy that Scotty won. I'm happy that he won, as well. Took us 77 Masters to get one.” --Australian Jason Day on Adam Scott becoming the first Australian to win the Masters.
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"He's the one with that temper.” --Hilton Head fan describing noted PGA Tour hothead Pat Perez.
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“There's Wi-Fi in the Crow's Nest." --14-year-old Guan Tianlang on how he did his homework during the Masters.
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"Hey, Adam. You know what's really under par? Your acting." --Parks and Recreation actor Adam Scott on jokes he’s heard since Adam Scott won the Masters.
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“The hole doesn’t get any bigger. We’re lucky we live in a country where we find these things important.”--David Feherty on the proposed ban on anchored putting.