Golf course books that make great holiday presents for golfers

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Top 10 Holiday Gift Books for the Course Connoisseur If your passion is great golf courses and you're looking to give—or receive—a last-minute Christmas gift, here are the Top 10 golf books to come down the pike in the past 12 months. Planet Golf: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses Outside the United States by Darius Oliver Abrams Publishing A superb coffee table book for the true course and architecture enthusiast, this "Planet" separates itself from the pack with its vivid photography and first-rate critical analysis of the world's great courses by the author, a young globe-trotting Aussie who clearly knows his stuff. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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The Seventh at St. Andrews: How Scotsman David McLay Kidd and his Ragtag Band Built the First New Course on Golf's Holy Soil in Nearly a Century by Scott Gummer Gotham Press The title pretty much says it all, but the rich detail between the covers makes this book an immensely satisfying read. Gummer, a wonderfully vibrant golf travel writer, delves deeply into St. Andrews, the Cradle of Golf, but the meat of the text is devoted to the architect and to the nuts and bolts of getting a golf course built. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father and Son by Kevin Cook Gotham Press The most compelling story on our 2007 Top 10 list is also the best-written book on the list. It's only peripherally about golf courses and design, but Cook's passion for the topic and skill with words make this historical account of 19th Century St. Andrews an epic to treasure. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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GOLF Magazine Great Getaways: The Best of the Best Three- and Four-Day Golf Trips by Tara Gravel Abrams Publishing Hey, a little self-interest here, but the truth is that "GOLF Magazine Great Getaways" is a solid, information-crammed tome that packages the best of the magazine's most recent travel coverage with updated information and terrific photos. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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The Match: The Day the Game of Golf Changed Forever by Mark Frost Hyperion Aside from the overheated title, everything else works in this nifty little tale from master storyteller Mark Frost, who gifted golf audiences a few years back with the Francis Ouimet saga, The Greatest Game Ever Played. His latest effort deals with a relatively unknown (though legendary to golf insiders) match between pros Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and amateurs Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward. For course connoisseurs, the backdrop of Cypress Point is reason enough to buy the book. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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Golf Courses of the U.S. Open (left) by David Barrett Abrams Publishing Veteran writer and editor Barrett has compiled a thoroughly comprehensive collection of descriptions, maps and accounts of the elite 50 courses that have hosted U.S. Opens. This book is a handy, attractive and entertaining reference tool with an informative foreword from the Open Doctor himself, Rees Jones. Journey Through the Links by David Worley Aurum Press On a cold winter's night, sifting through handsomely illustrated pages of the finest courses of Great Britain and Ireland will surely buoy the spirits. Worley's book suits the task admirably. With a foreword by five-time British Open champion Peter Thomson, this is an enjoyable ride around 155 seaside layouts. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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Golf's Best New Destinations (left) by Brian McCallen Abrams Publishing OK, this is a holdover from late 2006, but it's such a marvelous travel book it deserves extra attention. McCallen practically invented the modern golf travel writing genre. He's in great descriptive form here, but the real story, of course, is the destinations themselves. Lush course photography and plenty of advice on off-course activities make this a "must-have" for any traveling golfer. Pinehurst~Home of American Golf by Richard Mandell Aurum Press Pinehurst, N.C. is the closest U.S. equivalent to Scotland's St. Andrews and author Mandell explains how it got that way. Mandell, a practicing golf course architect, hits his stride in discussing course design and construction techniques from a historical perspective. If that's your bag, you'll warm quickly to this book. Either way, it's a top-notch history lesson. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide
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Where Golf is Great: The Finest Courses of Scotland and Ireland by James W. Finegan Artisan Press Another utterly-deserving holdover from 2006 is this massive missive that weighs in at nearly 11 pounds — and is worth every precious ounce. Anyone who relished reading Finegan's pocket-size hardcover guides to Scotland and Ireland in the past 10 years and wondered what they would be like with photos — here's your answer. Larry Lambrecht's course shots are calendar-worthy and Tim Thomson's lifestyle work superb, but it's Finegan's unparalleled passion and knowledge for his subject matter that will keep you grinning. See more great holiday gift ideas in the Holiday Gift Guide