Tilt right for pure contact

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Tilt right for pure contact How to set yourself up to nail the ball By Scott Sacket Top 100 Teacher The problem • You often hit the ball fat • You think your head should be directly over the ball at address The solution Take a look at your grip. The first thing you should notice is that your right hand is lower than your left. So unless your right arm is five inches longer than your left (not likely), your right arm, shoulder and right side of your head should be lower than their counterparts. This means that you should be tilted at least a couple of inches to the right at both address and at impact. If you try to force your upper body to stay level at address, your club will end up bottoming out a couple of inches behind the ball, and that's when you hit it fat. To make sure that you're tilted correctly to the right at address, try these steps. 1 Take your normal address position with a club, but put your hands together in a praying position in front of the handle.
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2 Move your right hand down until your thumb pad is even with the tips of your left fingers. This will automatically tilt your body the proper amount to the right.
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3 From here, simply form your normal grip. You're now set up for perfect impact.