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Tiger Woods and Torrey Pines just go together, and not because they sound like neighboring meadows in a botanical garden. Woods has fashioned a bouquet of nine wins on the famed public course, the first as a 15-year-old at the Junior World Championships, seven more at the Buick Invitational/Farmers Insurance Open and, of course, at the 2008 U.S. Open. Take a look back at each win.
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Win 1: Teeny Bopper In '91 Woods, 15, shot 74-70-73-69 to beat Chris Riley by three strokes in the 15-17-year-olds division. It was his first victory at Torrey Pines. CHRIS RILEY: "I was 17. He was 15. I remember him being really long at that age, 20, 30 yards longer than me. I had a one-shot lead going into the 12th hole and hit a good drive, and he hit a good drive. I had a 3-wood in, and he had a 7-iron! I knew he was pretty special." TIGER WOODS: "I kicked Riley's butt, are you kidding me? [Smiles] It was me and Riley in the last group. I was one or two back...starting the last day. Tied him at 12. Funniest thing happened on 15. I hit my drive down there. He hit his drive. I'm away, I hit my wedge, and...you think Riley plays fast now?! My ball is in the air still climbing, and you hear [the sound of Riley's swing] 'fwoooop.' That's how it was. We got to 16, the par-3, and I hit my putt up there, and I said, 'I'll finish out.' The next thing you know, I'm over the putt tapping out, and I hear 'click' [as Riley hits his own putt]. I tap it in and pull it out of the hole real quick. That was a fun day."
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Win 2: His Buick Ride At the '99 Buick, Woods made the cut by only two, then, after a Saturday 62, held off Billy Ray Brown with a 15-foot eagle putt on the par-5 18th for a final-round 65. BILLY RAY BROWN: "[Before Torrey] I'd actually first played with him in '93, at the Nelson. I was defending champion, and Tiger had won the U.S. Junior and was playing in the Nelson pro-am. The first hole at the Nelson is a par-4. No one hits driver. He comes to me and goes, 'Mind if I come back here and play with you?,' instead of with the other amateurs. I said, 'Sure.' He reaches in his little bag, pulls out driver and just rips this thing down the right side, right in front of the green. Now, I'm the defending champion. It's supposed to be my day, and this kid [Woods was 17] has forced me to do something I didn't want to do: hit driver. I missed way, way right. "Fast-forward to '99. Tiger and I separated from the field, and it became like match play. Really fun. We laughed all day. Tiger will stare you down like Ray Floyd, and when I made birdie at 16 I stared at him, and he stared at me, and we just cracked up. He loves that stuff. He was in the cabbage on 17 and I thought I had him. But he hits this miraculous shot, and a clump of grass comes out — you could sod half a football field with it — and he gets up and down. We go to 18 dead tied. I rip a good drive. Then Tiger hits, and his drive sounds like a cannon exploding. He hits it 90 yards past me! He has so much extra in the tank. He was close to the green, which forced me to play a hook. I hit it so fat — I hit the big ball before the little ball. I made par, and his eagle putt went in like a rat diving into a hole, as his putts always seem to do. Incredible."
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Win 3: A Leg Up Three months after surgery on his left knee, Tiger beat Carl Pettersson by four shots and Brad Faxon by five at the '03 Buick. BRAD FAXON: "Tiger had just come back from knee surgery, and Sunday was the first he and Phil had been paired together since Phil made the comment that Tiger wasn't using good equipment. I was like the referee — I was in second, Phil was third. It was absolute mayhem on the first tee with the camera people — it seemed like there were more people inside the ropes than outside. Tiger put on a clinic. It was just great shot after great shot. On the 11th hole, the par-3, the pin was in the top-left portion of the green and he hit a 4-iron, the purest, most beautiful shot. My caddie actually grunted when he hit it. Kind of like, holy cow! The ball never left its target and ended up a foot from the hole."
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Win 4: King Putt Woods edged Luke Donald and Tom Lehman in '05. Due to fog delays, Lehman played 36 holes in one day with the World No. 1. TOM LEHMAN: "The reason he's so dominant there is that the course is long and has severe green surrounds. If you miss the green you need an imaginative short game. He didn't hit every shot perfect, but he bailed himself out with his putter and his short game. The purer you roll it, the more you distance yourself from everyone else on bumpy greens. It's the guys who mis-hit putts who struggle." LUKE DONALD: "He holes more putts at Torrey Pines than he usually does, even when the greens aren't in that great of shape. The USGA's changes might change the breaks a bit. You just never know."
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Win 5: No Way, Jose! Woods' final-round 72 in '06 left him "very lucky" to make a playoff with Nathan Green and Jose Maria Olazabal. Olly missed a four-footer to hand Tiger the trophy. TIGER WOODS: [on Olazabal's missed putt]: "You don't ever take joy out of seeing friends do that." NATHAN GREEN: "He plays the South just as well as he plays the North. Every course suits him, but [the South] more than most because he's such a good long-iron player. And he seems to putt well on those greens."
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Win 6: Sand and Deliver Despite finding 16 bunkers in the last two rounds in the '07 event, Woods beat Charles Howell III to win by two — his third straight Buick Invitational win. CHARLES HOWELL III: "The course requires a lot of drivers, so his length is an advantage. Also, you're just not going to hit every green out there, because [Torrey Pines South] is such a ball-buster — it's so long and tough, and that's where his short game comes into play. The course sets up perfect for him and his scoring ability — the guy can get the ball up and down and make par from nowhere. He's always hanging in there, and he has that ace in the hole: his putter. The greens are always bumpy, but it doesn't matter. The USGA will jack around with par a little bit and change some sight lines by cutting the fair-ways a bit differently, but at the end of the day par doesn't matter [when Woods is making birdies]. He's the guy to beat."
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Win 7: Wild Thing Tiger finished 75th in fairways hit at the '08 Buick — and won by eight! Woods played with rookie Kevin Streelman on Saturday. Boo Weekley was in the mix before a Sunday 77. KEVIN STREELMAN: "He didn't drive it very well that day, a little bit right, a little bit left. But two things I'll never forget: The shot he hit into 11 [a 221-yard par-3] — I tell everybody about it. Mike [Streelman's caddie] and I were thinking, He's got a huge lead, he'll hit 5-iron to the middle of the green. But a 5-iron would have sucked back and ended up at the front of the green. So he hits this hold-cut 4-iron, gripping it down by the steel, that hung on the left side of the pin and hit up on the top of the back shelf, which killed [the spin] enough that it released back and almost went in. It caught the left lip and ended up two feet away. I mean, nobody goes for that pin; long is dead. It was like he was just having fun. Second thing, I couldn't believe how he was consistently making 12, 15 footers on very bumpy greens. It's complete confidence and focus. I guarantee you no one else was doing it. I felt like I hit it with him, hit it inside him a couple of times, then he turns it on on the back nine and shoots 32, and I'm suddenly six back." TIGER WOODS: "Back when I played junior golf here it was baked out in the summer and the ball ran forever, but after the redesign it changed. But I still play well here—the course just fits my eye." BOO WEEKLEY: "I think Tiger should have to play with just a 2-iron."
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Win 8: Major No. 14 Having previously won the Buick Invitational at Torrey in early 2008 and playing at the top of his game, Woods was the heavy favorite when the 108th U.S. Open began on the South Course. Woods would not disappoint, producing one of his most legendary performances. Playing with a torn ligament in his left knee and a double stress fracture in the same leg, Tiger forced a 18-hole playoff with Rocco Mediate by sinking a 12-foot putt for birdie on the 72nd hole. He would eventually go on to beat Rocco in 19 holes on Monday, and have season-ending surgery shortly thereafter.It is Tiger's last major title to date.
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Win 9: He's Back Following his dramatic '08 U.S. Open win, Woods saw his career slide off the tracks. The scandal that broke out in late 2009 was followed by injury-plagued seasons and a lengthy swing overhaul. By the time he arrived in La Jolla for the 2013 Farmers Insurance Open, however, Tiger was coming off a three-win season and seemed to be healthy and have his swing under control for the first time in years. That week, Woods put on a putting clinic, capturing his eighth professional victory and ninth win overall at Torrey Pines by a four-shot margin over Brandt Snedeker and Josh Teater.