Tiger: No. 17 is “gimmicky”

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Tiger Woods walked with his coach, Hank Haney, during a practice round Tuesday. • See the latest news and photos about Tiger Woods
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"Anyone can win here. That's the beauty of this golf course is that when you get -- with all the angles, and Pete [Dye] likes to funnel things down, we're all playing from about the same spot. There really is no advantage to taking out driver and bombing it down there because of obviously the trouble but also how everything pitches in," Woods said.
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"I don't agree with it being the 17th or 71st hole of a championship because I just think that it is a little gimmicky in that sense. I think it's a great 8th hole or another part of the golf course," Woods said of the notorious No. 17 at TPC Sawgrass.
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"Just like we play any other golf course with Bermuda rough, always hard to judge how far it's going to go. The rough is a lot easier out of rye, but Bermuda grass just needs about two inches and you lose all control," Woods said.
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"This is obviously a game of being precise and understanding where to miss and how to miss it there. You're not going to always play perfect golf. A lot of times in order to win a championship, it's your bad round, how bad is your bad round. Are you still able to keep yourself in contention with one bad round," Woods said.
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The new clubhouse over looks No. 18, where Woods finishes up his first practice round. From the second-floor balcony of the clubhouse you can now see the full length of the hole. • Major changes at TPC Sawgrass