They Said It! Top 10 Quotes of the Week (Doral)

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“At the end of the day, he's just a young 23‑year‑old kid from humble backgrounds. When you're thrust into the spotlight like he's just been, it takes a little bit of acclimatizing." --Graeme McDowell on his friend Rory McIlroy’s early-season struggles.
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“He always said that until he learned to correct himself on a golf course, he never became a good player. And then once he did, then he obviously won 13 major championships.” --Jack Nicklaus on what he learned from Bobby Jones.
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“As far as golf being athletic, I would say, go try it, let's see how well you do. It's a hard game.” --Matt Kuchar on what he’d say to someone who thinks golfers aren’t athletes.
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“I think major championships is what history of the game is all about, and obviously they don't want anymore belly putter players winning major championships.” --Ernie Els on why the USGA and R&A have proposed a ban on anchored putting.
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"I gave it a little body wiggle and usually if you give it a little body wiggle you’ll get an extra foot or two release out of it." --Phil Mickelson on why he just missed a hole-in-one on the par-3 ninth hole at Doral on Friday.
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“Those are all just really good life lessons and how to interact with people as well as conduct myself and be respectful and be honest about anything that is going on and definitely carry that over to golf, because if we disrespect the golf course, it's going to come back to get you.” --Michael Thompson on becoming the first Eagle Scout to win on the PGA Tour.
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“I think it's just the nature of our game that we're friends out here, although we are competitors, we are friends. And you like to see your friend do well, and you sometimes need another pair of eyes.” --Steve Stricker on the putting advice he gave Tiger Woods on the Doral practice green.
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"That wasn't even a good attempt at being mad.” --Hank Haney (with wife Suzanne in photo) to Michael Phelps after Phelps threw a club at St. Andrews during a taping of “The Haney Project.”
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“Not much. I'm goofy. I don't think they pay attention to me. I play so different than they do. I think they look at me going, ‘Man, why is that guy so nuts?’” --Bubba Watson on what Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker learn from playing with him.
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“Well, she follows one person.” --Tiger Woods on whether his mother is a golf fan.