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Ian Poulter loves tweeting out photos of his cars, and those cars that is friends have. @IanJamesPoulter: I have to work harder. California Spider is so beautiful. @TomHartleyjnr you are teasing me, I need to win 10 tournaments fast.
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Tiger Woods' yacht, named Privacy, is 155 feet long and was purchased for a reported $20 million.
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The yacht houses up to 21 people and has a gym, theater and more than 6,500 square feet of living space.
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In 2006, Tiger Woods drove in a charity stock-car race at the Huntly Speedway in New Zealand. Woods was in town for the wedding of his then-caddie, Steve Williams, who races in his spare time.
In 2010 in Galloway Township, N.J., Lexi Thompson arrived in a NASCAR stock car, thanks to her sponsor Red Bull, to announce she was turning pro.
Fred Funk in 2004 at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Lowes Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C.
Corey Pavin also took a few laps around the track in Concord.
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Poulter also tweeted this photo of himself next to his first car, which he purchased for £300 — a little chepaer than the Ferraris.
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Avid car junkie Ian Poulter became the owner of a new custom-made made Ferrari FF in Pebble Beach on Saturday. This is the first Ferrari Tailor Made for the USA. Poulter designed it himself. "@IanJamesPoulter: Then we finally took the covers off to have a look at the finished FF. Its an incredible machine."
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Among current professional golfers, no one loves cars as much as the man from Hertfordshire, England. Poulter routinely tweets pictures of his beautiful rides like this red Ferrari.
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Poulter, who now lives in Orlando, recently traded in the red Ferrari for this white one.
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Poulter's collection also includes a white Ford GT with blue racing stripes.
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Poulter's Jaguar XFR
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While in Chicago for the 2010 BMW Championship, Camilo Villegas test drove a BMW at the Autobahn Country Club Racetrack.
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Charley Hoffman also took a BMW for a test drive.
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In 2005, Woody Austin got behind the wheel of a stock car at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
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Anthony Kim Kim was featured, along with his buddies, on the cover of SI Golf+ in May 2010 in his brand new black Bentley convertible.
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Kim's new ride was delivered during the photo shoot.
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Bubba Watson Watson is one of golf's biggest gearheads. In 2010, Watson bought the Mercedes G-Class pictured here.
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But Bubba didn't stop there. Like several of his Tour friends, Watson sent his new ride to Notorious Motoring, a Las Vegas vehicle customization shop, and had them deck it out.
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Watson's G-wagon in front of Notorious Motoring.
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Front view of Bubba Watson's G-Class.
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View of front right tire and wheel.
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Watson had another one of his Mercedes customized at Notorious Motoring with his trademark pink.
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Poulter tweeted these photos from the unveiling in Pebble Beach on Saturday. "@IanJamesPoulter: The full view of the FF. It keeps getting better the more you look."
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"@IanJamesPoulter: All the Carbon fiber in the Ferrari FF has had red paint lines to give it a great look.
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"@IanJamesPoulter: Check out the interior of my new FF. @ijpdesign tartan on the roof liner & in the seats. Looks so good."
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Ian Poulter Poulter tweeted pictures of a car lift he installed in his new house (right), and the new Rolls Royce he got for Christmas.
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Rickie Fowler tweeted this picture of his new custom GT3 RS Porsche.
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View from the rear.
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This custom floor mat in Watson's SLK honors his first PGA Tour victory at the 2010 Travelers Championship.
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Apparently there is a monster under the hood.
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Rickie Fowler Dirt bike enthusiast and 2010 PGA Tour rookie of the year Rickie Fowler has a Nissan GT-R that he had customized at Notorious Motoring.
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Front view of Fowler's Notorious-customized GT-R.
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View from the rear.
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John Mallinger Mallinger had Notorious Motoring give his Range Rover their "Murdered Out" customization job.
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For more pictures of cars customized at Notorious Motoring, check out their website.
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Stuart Appleby Stuart Appleby cruises around in this yellow Lamborghini.
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Steve Williams Steve Williams, former caddie for Tiger Woods, spends much of his time away from the links racing cars in New Zealand. Here he is racing in Palmerston North, New Zealand after the third round of the New Zealand Open at the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Course in 2002.
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Paul Azinger Paul Azinger tweeted a photo of his Mercedes van along with the following tweet: "Im having my everyday driver tricked out today. In motion satellite, direct tv, cb radio, wireless headsets. YES!"