TaylorMade r7 CGB Max Driver

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TaylorMade's new r7 CGB Max features three weight ports (previous models have two or four), in the extreme heel, toe and rear of the head. One plug weighs in at 16 grams, and the other two are a gram apiece. Company testing suggests a 35-yard difference in shot shape, from extreme draw to mild fade, depending on how you distribute the weights. That's the widest range yet — and largest draw bias — among r7 drivers, surpassing the r7 Draw on both counts. The r7 CGB Max's weight system also produces an effective loft change of 1 degree up or down. Its eye-catching triangular shape signals higher inertia; more mass farther back from the face translates to more help on mis-hits. $499, graphite; taylormadegolf.com Tell us what you think and see what other GOLF.com readers said about this club. CLUBHEAD The triangular head shape serves as a useful alignment tool. The shape shifts the club's center of gravity more to the rear, which means a more stable head.
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WEIGHTING Positioning the moveable 16-gram weight (black) in the center rear (near right) creates a mild draw bias. Placing it in the heel creates extreme draw bias, and in the toe produces a slight fade bias.
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CLUBFACE The r7 CGB Max comes standard in 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° HT lofts, with a 45-inch, 45-gram Mitsubishi Reax 45 graphite shaft.
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THE RIGHT FIT The r7 CGB Max is available through the company's 600 domestic SelectFit custom-fitting systems. Interchangeable heads and shafts enable you to try several combinations in seconds. Tell us what you think and see what other GOLF.com readers said about this club.