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TaylorMade's R1 driver.
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Changing the setting of the R1's sole plate allows you to open or close the address position by up to 4 degrees.
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The R1 comes with two moveable weight plugs, a 10-gram and a 2-gram. Setting the 10-gram weight in the heel encourages a draw; setting it into the toe encourages a fade.
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The R1 comes pre-set to 10 degrees, but you can adjust the loft up to 12 degrees or down to 8.
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The crown has been made more aerodynamic so the R1 can slide through the air faster than last season's R11S.
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The black face contrasts with the white section of the crown to make alignment easier.
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Stripes have also been added, but the leading edge, where your eyes would focus at address, is still plain, non-glare white.
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The 460-cc R1 comes standard with an Aldila RIP Phenom 55 shaft and will cost about $399 when it arrives in pro shops on Feb. 1. Read a complete review of the R1 and see an exclusive video about the club.