Swing Sequence: Henrik Stenson

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Henrik Stenson Copy this Swede's arm swing and body turn for extra yards By Jon Tattersall Top 100 Teacher All great players have two things that make their swings work: 1) incredible hand and arm action to swing the club on plane, and 2) a powerful body pivot to add speed. Some players are better at one skill than the other; Henrik Stenson is good at both. This swing sequence shows how Stenson's arm swing and wrist hinge put the shaft in perfect position from start to finish. But it's his lower body you should watch if you want to take your game to the next level. Focus on his hips — they start even with the tree line behind him, dip below it on the backswing, and then rise above it through impact. This kind of hip action gives your swing torque, as long as you stay in your address posture — which Stenson does almost better than anyone. Copying Henrik's powerful blend of body turn and a technically perfect arm swing will almost certainly be good medicine for your game.
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9. Your forward-swing plane is a good indicator of the quality of your shots. Stenson's driver shaft exits the impact area just below his left shoulder. That gives him a slight draw and precious extra yards.
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8. It looks like Stenson is giving the ball a right-hand slap through impact. This allows you to continue your downward release and extend your arms without over-rotating them (for a potential hook).
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7. Compare Henrik's wrist hinge in Frame 6 with the one shown here: it has all but disappeared. Stenson does this the right way, by unhinging his wrists downward, not by flipping his right hand over his left.
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6. Stenson pushes off with his right foot and pulls his left hip up — a combination that helps accelerate the club from the top. Despite all this pushing and pulling, he keeps his address posture.
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5. Only milliseconds separate this frame from the last one, but look how much Stenson's hips have turned toward the target. Also notice how he's able to make this turn while keeping his upper body passive.
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4. Like all great players, Stenson reaches the top of his swing in balance, in complete control of the clubhead, and with his left arm resting in the same plane as the clubshaft. All the dirty work is done.
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3. Check out Stenson's wrists: they're fully cocked and setting the shaft through his right shoulder by the time his hands reach belly height. His hips have begun to turn, but they're still resisting.
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2. Stenson starts his motion by swinging his arms away from the ball without turning his hips. He's already building resistance with his lower body. This only works if you swing back on plane, not inside.
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1. If you're looking for an address position to copy, this is it — especially if you're tall like 6'1" Henrik. Notice the slight bend in his right elbow and how his arms hang almost straight down.
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10. Stenson's arm swing and lower-body action come together nicely in his finish. His arms are in front of his body, which never stopped rotating from the top. This is the dynamic blend every golfer needs.