Swing Sequence: Alvaro Quiros

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The secret to his 315-yard drives is a picture-perfect setupAnalysis by Top 100 Teacher Mike PerpichRiverPines Golf, Alpharetta, Ga. You may not know the name Alvaro Quiros, but you'll soon know his game. The 6'3", 26-year-old Spaniard has quickly become the longest-hitting Tour professional in the world, posting a gaudy 315-yard average on the European circuit. Tiger Woods jokingly called Quiros "stupid long" at the PGA Championship, where the Spaniard finished 24th, and his win at the 2009 Qatar Masters proves he's more than just the big bomber du jour. One of the reasons Quiros is able to generate such eye-popping distance is, ironically, his setup, which features zero moving parts. His address position and posture are impeccable. With everything set so correctly at the start, Quiros can store up tremendous power and energy without worrying about his club and shaft falling off plane. This allows him to apply everything in his swing to the back of the ball. When you have to make compensations during your backswing or downswing, your speed and energy drop like a lead Titleist. For power or accuracy, Alvaro Quiros's swing is an excellent one to copy.
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1. Quiros tilts from his hips so that his arms hang straight up and down, with his shoulders in front of his knees. This is a perfect setup, and it allows Quiros to turn better, faster and more consistently.
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2. As Alvaro starts to pivot back he maintains the tilt he established at address. Notice how he folds his right elbow slightly — a secret key to setting the clubhead and shaft correctly along the target line.
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3. Alvaro continues to turn his body and fold his right elbow. The folding action allows him to cock his wrists to the max and add an extra power lever to his swing. Check out how his shaft points parallel left of his target line.
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4. Quiros makes a beautiful transition — he starts to unwind his hips without turning his shoulders, and he drops his hands straight down. More importantly, he performs these moves without losing his original setup tilt.
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5. Things are unwinding at breakneck speed, but Alvaro is in total control. Compare his left arm hang to the one in Frame 1 — nothing has changed. His shaft is on his right forearm and in perfect position to deliver the clubhead.
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6. Three things that make Quiros's impact position so powerful: 1) His left leg has begun to straighten, 2) His hips are open to the target line but his shoulders are square, and 3) His right forearm and shaft are in line.
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7. Here you can see the benefit of maintaining your original tilt and keeping your club on plane — Quiros's arms sling through impact and extend to the max. This allows him to accelerate all the way through the ball.
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8. Alvaro has a perfectly balanced finish and, amazingly, has maintained his setup tilt. Check out the way his knees touch — strong evidence that everything has turned toward the target in unison into a balanced finish.• More swing sequences from the world's best players