Sunglasses for the Golf Course

1 of 8 Courtesy of Nike Golf
Nike Max Transitions Show-X2, $199; Born of a partnership with Transitions Optical, Nike's new adaptive sunglasses include two polycarbonate lens options that respond to different light conditions. The violet "Golf Tint" lens improves contour recognition on the putting green, while the green "Outdoor Tint" (pictured) brightens shadows and increases contrast. Both lenses offer 100 percent UV protection.
2 of 8 Courtesy of Adidas
Adidas Raylor, $100; With frames composed of SPX, a lightweight, shatterproof material, the Raylor provides flexible comfort. Vision Advantage PC lenses feature a water-repellant and anti-scratch coating, while the Quick Change Lens System enables easy adaptability to changing light and weather conditions.
3 of 8 Courtesy of Callaway Golf
Callaway Hawk Transitions, $200; Equipped with NEOX Transitions Adaptive Sunwear lenses, the Hawk automatically adjusts to changes in light while providing 100 percent UV protection. The distraction-free-semi-rimless design is lightweight and durable. Megol rubber nose and ear tips keep the glasses secure and slip-resistant.
4 of 8 Courtesy of Under Armour
Under Armour UA Drive, $120; Collaboratively designed with Hunter Mahan, the strong, light titanium and Grilamid (nylon) frames complement durable polycarbonate lenses that sharpen vision and limit distortion to the edges of the lenses. The frame attaches to the lenses and nose pad only, which allows air flow and prevents overheating and fogging.
5 of 8 Courtesy of NYX
NYX Jet, $60; A hybrid-style aviator sunglasses suitable for use on or off the course, the Italian-made "Arctic Blue" lens is infused with amber to provide high-contrast enhancement. The multilayer blue mirror minimizes eye fatigue.
6 of 8 Courtesy of Sundog
Sundog EVO Mela-Lens, $70; Sundog's "Mela-Lens" technology uses synthetic melanin to absorb and filter blue light with minimal color distortion while offering 100 percent UV protection. A "MaxFlex Rilsan" open body frame and "Uni-Fit" adjustable nose pad round out the offering.
7 of 8 Courtesy of Sunsport Optics
SunSport Optics Golf-Specific, $30; In addition to lightweight nylon frame technology and an adjustable nosepiece, SunSport's lenses come with the company's Evercoat veneer, which is water- and fog-repellant, scratch-resistant, and guarantees the visual acuity of the lens for life.
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Tifosi Tempt, $60; The Tempt offers squint-free performance via Fototec lenses, which contain embedded photochromic particles that react to UV rays in bright sun by darkening the optics. In cloudy conditions, the process reverses to let in more light. Adjustable nose and earpieces ensure a customized fit.