Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hilary Rhoda photographed at Chelsea Piers Driving Range

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was featured in GOLF Magazine's No. 1 Issue People Portfolio.
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Rhoda's photo shoot was held at the Chelsea Piers driving range, which overlooks the Hudson River on Manhattan's West Side.
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Rhoda appeared in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
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Rhoda sat down for an interview as part of her GOLF Magazine feature.
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From the interview: GOLF: Do you think golfers are athletes? Rhoda: You're gonna get me in trouble! For me, golf's a leisure sport—something to do to relax. But professional golfers are definitely athletes.
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GOLF: Would a trip to the range be a good date? Rhoda: Yeah, that would probably be fun. Better than going to the movies. There's more interaction. But you'd better be able to hit it farther than me. [Laughs.]
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GOLF: As a fashion model, tell us how men should dress on the course. Rhoda: You need a lot of confidence to pull off the plus-fours and plaid hat, Caddyshack-style. I like the classic style.