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This LPGA Winner Selfie was one of the best of 2014. LPGA: "#LPGAWinnerSelfie with Christina Kim at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational"
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@natalie_gulbis So wonderful to see my friend and Teammate Lorena. I sure miss her on tour! @LorenaOchoaR
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@themichellewie I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @thechristinakim. No one deserves this more than you...NO ONE. You have always been such a huge inspiration to me and I am so lucky to call you my friend. #YESS
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@lukedonald Coco the Clown just woke up!
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@WestwoodLee Nice! Having your cake and eating it!
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@justinprose99 Morning Dubai #Race2Dubai
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@goodwalkspoiled I gotta be honest, it's nice being his Boss for a while. #checkmate #asu
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@thejessicakorda Less attractive picture but describes us amazingly! #lovemyyoungertwin #doubletrouble
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@IanJamesPoulter Something tells me I over did it on the bubble bath.
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@shark_gregnorman Anyone guess the name of the restaurant I am in #Zihuatanejo?
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@rorymcilroy "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work". Can't wait to finish off the 2014 season strongly and already working hard to make 2015 even more successful! #majors #no1
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@JDayGolf Was great to hang with my buddy Michael Redd last night at the bucks game. Hope to catch some more bucks games soon.
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@IanJamesPoulter Just caught the Lightning on camera at 5.40am. I can't see us playing much golf this morning. Cool photo.
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Darius Rucker That’s my boy right there. Tiger Woods we need to play some golf again sometime soon man. #ThrowbackThursday
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@shark_gregnorman Straight and level Captain!!!
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@bubbawatson View from hotel ain't bad! #MountFuji
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@IanJamesPoulter They don't things by half at the MAXXROYAL hotel in turkey. Great balcony shot overlooking tonight's event. #GoPro
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@natalie_gulbis Snorkeling!
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@paulacreamer1 Morning workout before the pro-am today here in Mecico City.... @adidaswomen love my #bostonboot adidas shoes!!!! #futureMrsHeath photo credit goes to my girl @haypoole
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@ianjamespoulter Funky stair case in the hotel in Turkey. @ijp_design
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Tiger Woods Happy Veterans Day Pop, and to all the men, women and families that sacrifice so much. I’m forever grateful for your service. Pictured: Earl D. Woods, United States Army
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@shark_gregnorman Oh wouldn't this be nice to see more often!!
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@thejessicakorda Hey jet lag resulted in me getting a hair cut! Bye bye colorful hair!!#happy.
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@WestwoodLee Off to do a promo at Aspendos amphitheater for @TurkishAirlines with @TheSergioGarcia and @henrikstenson
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@TheSergioGarcia With @WestwoodLee & @henrikstenson at the Aspendos Amphitheater here @T_A_Golf. So much amazing history around us!
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Henrik Stenson Martin and I getting ready for a Hugo Boss photo shoot today in Turkey.
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@shark_gregnorman What else does one do on a rainy Sunday than unpack boxes of @gregnormanstyle Fall line. 5 boxes to go!!! Love our new look this Fall.
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@blaironealgolf #gametime Lets go Devils!!!!! #ASU
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Bubba's selfies were second to none. Bubba: "Selfie with @RickieFowlerPGA @JustinRose99 & Adam Scott"
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@justinprose Fooch and I didn't forget the sacrifice. #RemeberanceSunday
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@bubbawatson Shanghai is a cool city! #China
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@themichellewie @nikegolf wanted more of my personality incorporated in their shoot today for obviously that means cornrows right?! Absolutely amazed by these braids. Thank you @thebeautychemist @panerphenerphen for this fresh new look today! #kevinfederline #TeamNike #Vapor
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@westwood_lee AP day with Keegan Bradley. Had to share this. He really loves having his hair done!
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@shark_gregnorman Unbelievable truffles paired with amazing Barolos and Barbarescos from Piedmont, Italy. Paying the price with my wife Kirstenpnorman this morning. THX Napa ValleyReserve. It was a true education.
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@themichellewie It's so amazing to see the overwhelming support by the Taiwanese people, welcoming home one of their own. Feel honored to be able embrace the culture w/ @yanitseng this week #eliteambasador #bubbleteafordays
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@lexi Had a great day at Epcot yesterday:) @bombsquad_lsu
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@webbsimpson1 #80s party #BreakfastClub
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@bencranegolf Got to lead Ole Miss on the field tonight. Crazy experience. Total bucket list moment I never thought I'd have.
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@bencranegolf So Coach Freeze asks "Want to run on the field?" Me: "Yes!" Coach: "You won't fall right?" Me: "No. Believe it or not us golfers can run without falling"
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Henrik Stenson Found Alice watching the BMW Masters from China this morning, I guess she lost interest when daddy was not playing...... :) H
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@ianjamespoulter Looks like Lilly & Joshua are ready to go Trick or Treating.
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@jacknicklaus Flashback Friday: A bag full of Halloween memories from the Nicklaus family. Left: Barbara and Jack at an Ohio State frat party in 1960; right: Barbara and Jack huddled with trick-or-treating grandkids. #flashbackfriday #fbf #halloween #happyhalloween #jacknicklaus #nicklaus #goldenbear #golf #ohiostate
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@IanJamesPoulter Well it's 3 wins in a row now @JustinRose99 Can't stop him @PaulMac69 @Fooch1993 @terrymundy
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@therealrickiefowler L 7 Weenie with my girl @alexis.randock #WendyPeffercon #Squints #YaYa #Sandlot #HappyHalloween
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@bencranegolf Lightsaber? Princess Leia? Hairpiece? May the force be with you this Halloween....
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@lexi Taking it easy for a bit today and enjoying the beach :) #chilltime
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@WestwoodLee Having brekkie with @hardup47 who may be the only Huddersfield town fan in Malaysia. Going to be a big game later.
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@thejessicakorda Omg so yummy! Coconut lemon juice and a little bit of sugar
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@justinprose99 I went from hotel to motel to holiday inn! Looking good for ages but @Fooch1993 showed his wiley old ways to win!
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@paulacreamer1 Army/Airforce football game!!!!!
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@lpga_tour Three days after her 22nd birthday, @daniellekang won a new Buick Lacrosse w a hole-in-one on the 17th hole #bluebaylpga #congrats #projumper
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@MartinKaymer59 What a great hike this morning, very early start! #scottsdale #hike #happy
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@keeganbradley1 If only if it was 94 Dublet. LD wine will have to do. #Itshandled
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@a_nordqvist The girls ready for pro am dinner in Taiwan!! #Diaz #Lincicome #blang
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@thejessicakorda Afternoon nap as I have finally arrived in #bali
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@IanJamesPoulter Moment of truth just teed off the 10th tee playing against @JustinRose99 on the Rose Poulter course.
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@lukedonald Here is my #PinkPonyPromise. Please help Polo Ralph Lauren foundation support cancer research & treatment. For the month of October every photo posted to Instagram, twitter and with the hashtag #PinkPonyPromise, the RL Foundation will donate $10 to cancer related causes. Plus tag up to 5 friends and the Pink Pony Fund will donate an additional $1 for each tag (up to $1 million). Get posting friends @justinprose99 @rorymcilroy @therealrickiefowler @keeganbradley1 @niallhoran
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@shark_gregnorman Had a great few days in China with some incredible talent and friends. My new student Nicole loves her golf.
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@paulacreamer1br> Till next time Japan! I took T6 this week started to hit the ball better. Thanks for another great week in Kobe! See you next year!!!!!!
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@blaironealgolf Fun night with my girls at Nite Flite luv these ladies!
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@rorymcilroy Doing some balance and corrective work this morning #betterneverstops
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@jessicaalba Best golf partner ever! #legend #johndaly #missionhills #china #loudmouthgolf
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@justinprose99 "Fantastic few days at Mission Hills. Got to meet some awesome people. Morgan Freeman, Yao Ming, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba and also played a round with Gary Player for the first time!"
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Henrik Stenson No3 has arrived!! Alice was born Sunday afternoon! Mommy did great! Lisa and Karl seems to be pretty happy with the new addition......:) H
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@TheSergioGarcia Amazing day with my foundation @PGA_Catalunya, awesome to see all the kids enjoying their golf!!
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@themichellewie Tuesday afternoon "tea" time with our favorite Taiwanese tour guide @yanitseng #bubbletea #Taipei
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@WestwoodLee It's not the worst way to travel is it! 13 hrs with wifi and green tea.
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@paulacreamer1 Last dinner in Japan with my amazing Team IMG Japan!!!!! Without them I would be lost! Thanks once again for all your help and most importantly friendship!
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@bubbawatson Monster Mash at Isleworth. #MickeyMouse #MinnieMouse #Olaf
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@justinprose99 Stand up @ianjamespoulter !!#WowYao
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@justinprose99 Just hanging in China! #selfie
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@IanJamesPoulter Can't believe NO LIMITS is out tomorrow. It's filled with a mixed bag of memories
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@TheSergioGarcia So excited to be back at my home course @CCMediterraneo in Spain. If you have the chance you should come check it out
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Henrik Stenson Back home! It appears my Halloween costume arrived.... wonder how many kids who will have nightmares at Lake Nona?.......more pictures to follow! H
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@shark_gregnorman Getting my photo taken when taking a photo. By Paul MacLeod. Great Pic. THX Paul.
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@themichellewie This place is incredible!! #HainanIsland #MondayFunday @belenmozo
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The girls had some downtime in China. Jessica: "#hainanIslandfun @bluebaylpga"
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@blaironealgolf Me n my lil tazmanian wishing you a good night! G'night world.
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@themichellewie Had the chance to participate in a local traditional bamboo dance this afternoon #HainanIsland #BlueBay
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@therealrickiefowler A place that will always be home to me...down by Big B's tree where it all many memories! #MurrietaValleyGolfRange
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@paulacreamer1 #fiancécrushfriday
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@IanJamesPoulter It's daddy caddy duty today. Luke is going for back to back to back wins. Come on Luke focus and get the job done.
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@bencranegolf waiting for our birthday girl to come downstairs and start celebrating what its like to be 3. #princesspartying
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@lexi But first let us take a selfie before the 1st tee
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@blaironealgolf #BehindTheScenes at SI shoot
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@bencranegolf At the Zoo with my Crew. #seewhatididthere
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@lpga_tour Morgan Pressel at the LPGA KEB-HanaBank Championship Gala
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@therealrickiefowler Made a few new friends this morning...thanks for the lift guys #AirportLife
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Oakland Raiders on 247Sports Tiger Woods repped the Oakland Raiders yesterday!
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@IanJamesPoulter Family selfie at crazy golf. Love it. Joshua says. "Yes so happy"....
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@thejessicakorda Sitting with my human enjoying our practice round - Frankie T. @Fti_us
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@lexi Landed on my putter #superstitiousathlete
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@lpga_tour Paula Creamer visits the troops in South Korea at Camp Red Cloud #PCVisit2ID
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Paula Creamer spent some quality time with troops in Korea. Paula: "Our amazing flight crew today #PCvisits2ID"
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@ngulbis @Lexi and I pre flight workout. (red eye to Korea). #womenwithdrive #simedarbylpga
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Henrik Stenson With Christmas just around the corner My kids wanted to get some decorations for the tree! There is a fair chance we planted these in our nannies bed, and yes she got scared and yes the first part is not costume for Halloween is a killer by the way! More pics to follow in due time! H
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@lpga_tour Mariajo Uribe tries out the Chip 4 Charity set up at the pool during the @simedarbylpga #womenwithdrive
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Everyone's favorite PGA WAG and The Duf were a big part of golf's social media presence. Amanda: "A big thank you for #unclemaddiospizza and everyone who came out tonight to support the @jasondufnerfoundation. #pizzapros #slingingdatdough"
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@McIlroyRory Thanks for having us tonight @edsheeran! Can't wait to watch the performance later!
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@TheSergioGarcia Hello from the Octoberfest in Munich! Hola desde el Octoberfest en Múnich!
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Razorback alumna Stacy Lewis hung out with her youngest fan. Stacy: "And my favorite picture from the game! I think I'm turning him into a Razorback ;)"
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Lexi meant business in 2014, and not just on the course. Lexi: "Love the billboard here at the @simedarbylpga ! #deathstare #watchout"
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@rorymcilroy Happy Birthday to my dad today! Can't wait to have a stroll around this place with you later #standrews #oldcourse
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@blaironealgolf Meet my puppy! His name is Cozi. #cavachon half Cavalier King Charles & half Bishon. His fave toys are his whiffle ball and football blankey. #mommasboy #puppylove
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@lpga_tour #LPGAWinnerSelfie w/ Mirim Lee at the Reignwood LPGA Classic
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@lpga_tour Reignwood LPGA Classic I'm Beijing, China
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@therealrickiefowler Good times boys! #TK @aceventura95 @bradgehlosu @morganhoffmannpga @kevindougherty15 #GoPokes
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@bubbawatson Family fun at the corn maze!
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@shark_gregnorman My day @waltdisneyworld has to start with a visit to my namesake!
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@keeganbradley1 #Repost from @evanfire35 with @repostapp ---paint it #21 When the "rock" gets hard, we get harder. #takingthejointdown #cohiba
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@aduf99 Another one from last nights #winewomenandshoes event. So glad we could be part of it.
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@bencranegolf "Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." No better to way to celebrate my bro's 40th than being in the water chasing these beauties. Hesse Creek (TN), for the win.
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Ian Poulter should get a 'Dad of the Year Award...' Ian: "What have I got myself into, katie & I are taking my daughter and her mates to 1D concert in Tampa. Wish me luck...."
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Henrik Stenson We have had some nice days with Mutual of Omaha here at Lake Nona. The prizes for the teams were robes of different quality.... which team won?
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Graeme McDowell's Twitter avatar
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@lexi My winners selfie for the @yokohamalpga tire challenge today!
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@therealrickiefowler A little lunch with my buddy Parker #USA ya we have the same barber @youarenextbarbershop
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@justinprose99 Great week at the Ryder Cup, now time to get on my @british_airways flight back to see the family. #RyderCup #BA
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@bubbawatson Can anyone find Phil in this photo? #PhotoBomb
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Henrik Stenson Table tennis in team room but unfair that they are two on the other side of the net?....... tomorrow it starts! The Ryder cup that is.....I hope the rest waits a couple of weeks!! H
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@keeganbradley1 My girls! @jillianfstacey and our new puppy Penny! #penster
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@lpga_tour @ktekey and 9 year-old fan Virginia Anne #LPGAGolfie
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@Graeme_McDowell Not saying @WestwoodLee and myself got in any trouble last night..... #sorryofficer
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@westwood_lee I have felt better!
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@HunterMahan What just happened?
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@WestwoodLee @IanJamesPoulter you look better than you did at 4!
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@justinprose99 What a week with @rydercupteameurope So pleased to help the team with my 4 points. #teamEurope
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@ianjamespoulter Party is just getting started.
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@MKaymer59 What a week, thanks to all the fans out there, awesome week #RyderCup2014 #europeantour #GoEurope
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@IanJamesPoulter Any good.?
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@thejessicakorda LETS GO BOYS!!!
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@Graeme_McDowell Leading out the team today. Huge honour and a huge job to do. Can't wait. #forme #fortheteam #foreurope
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@a_nordqvist Practice in style today... Motivated and Inspired to get after it. Cant wait for Solheim Cup 2015 in Germany!!
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@justinprose99 My Mum has arrived at The Ryder Cup!! #TeamEurope
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@IanJamesPoulter Now the #RyderCup2014 has officially gone big time. Gala dinner night and next up we have #Elvis.
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@McIlroyRory Pre opening ceremony selfie!! #EUROPE
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@TheSergioGarcia Europe! @MKaymer59 @McIlroyRory @IanJamesPoulter @WestwoodLee @henrikstenson @JustinRose99 @Vdubush @Graeme_McDowell
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@therealrickiefowler Get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog...saddle up boys we're Ryder Cup bound!!
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Rickie Fowler's Ryder Cup hair inspired a trend back home, and with former PGA Pres Ted Bishop. Rickie: "Thanks to my boys over at @youarenextbarbershop for getting me Ryder Cup ready...the week is here #RyderCup #TeamUSA #Believe @pgacom"
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@paulacreamer1 What a fun night!!!! First pitch tonight to Jeff Baker! Thank you Ricoh for giving me this opportunity! #strike #offthemound #7
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@bencranegolf Can't believe this actually happened! Playing a game with my son and we started laughing so hard he peed his pants!!! He might hate this post in about 10 years but it was too good not to send. Funniest thing ever. Still dying.
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@paulinagretzky @djohnsonpga & i are so excited to finally share with you all our amazing news..we're having a baby!!