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$275, A sleek, luxurious black nickel finish makes BB8 the Lexus of putters. Named for master craftsman Bob Bettinardi, the BB Series putter is 100 percent milled (no welds, no distortions) in the United States to maximize feel and performance. It features Bettinardi's patented Honeycomb face milling, which creates a flat hitting surface so that the ball rolls sooner (and stays on-line). BB8 has a thinner topline than other BB Series putters, and the sharp, crisp lines simplify alignment. Sold in pro shops and at select clubfitters.
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$119; Engineers from sister brand Never Compromise moved 70 grams from the face to the rear to increase MOI. This combines with an open-frame design to distribute more mass to the perimeter for improved stability. The oversize mallet has a user-friendly, T-shaped alignment aid and comes in three lie angles (68, 70 and 72 degrees) and lengths (33, 34 and 35 inches) to customize the putter to your stroke.
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$120; At 600 grams, the Lite-Weight Series is the featherweight in the Heavy putter family. The Q2-L, which is 100 grams heavier than standard, is for golfers used to a conventional weight and a short, pop-style stroke. Less backweight (65 grams in the grip end of the shaft) than in the Mid-Weight (200 grams) or Heavy-Weight (400 grams) encourages a more accelerated stroke—ideal for slower greens. Q2-L has a significantly higher balance point—closer to your body's center of gravity—to promote a mechanically correct, less wristy stroke.
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$299; Previous large-headed Kombi putters were milled from lightweight aluminum to control overall weight. The Kombi-S, by contrast, is a smaller, more traditional-feeling flatstick that's milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel (hence, the letter "S") to duplicate the soft, heavy feel and solid sound found in Studio Select putters. In addition, Kombi-S retains the weight distribution, deep center of gravity and high MOI found in other Kombi's. The handsome mallet features an adjustable center sole weight to accommodate different shaft lengths.
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$199; Three interchangeable elastomer face inserts and two removable weights allow you to customize the putter for any playing conditions. The black insert, for fast greens, feels ultra-soft and generates the most topspin to keep putts tracking on-line. The red insert (sold separately), for moderate green speeds, rolls it three inches farther than the black insert on a 15-footer. The green (firmest) insert is recommended for slow greens.