Six New Wedges

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Bridgestone J40 $109; Constructed from soft 8620 carbon steel to provide Tour-level feel and feedback around the greens, the J40 features Bridgestone’s “variable bounce” technology. This multi-bounce sole design allows the club to perform well from a variety of lies in both open and square positions. Other features include machined clubfaces with a rough surface and True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts, both of which help to increase spin.
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Callaway Forged $119; Designed by Roger Cleveland, these forged scoring clubs are built with 21 tightly spaced, conforming grooves, each of which has sharper edges than those found in previous models thanks to the forging process with which they’re made. A softer “C-Grind” sole shape and narrower sole width add versatility, making it easier for players to hit lob shots. These forgings are capped off with two new finishes: dark chrome or copper.
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Cleveland 588 Forged $139; The original cast 588 is still the most popular wedge of all time. Now an identical head (same face profile and sole specs as the original) is forged from 1025 carbon steel for enhanced feel and consistency. The company co-developed its “Concept” wedge shaft with Tour Temper. The shaft—which features a softer butt and stiffer tip—is designed to produce a lower launch, more penetrating ball flight and more spin. The club’s “Tour Zip” grooves, meanwhile, push the limits of USGA regulations. Available in a chrome or satin finish.
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Cobra Trusty Rusty $119; Trusty Rusty wedges are made of non-chromed 8620 carbon steel, which rusts over time as the finish naturally wears off. An aggressive groove design that’s created through a special machining process optimizes spin for maximum shot control, while the “Tri-bounce” sole design (higher bounce in the center, less in the heel and toe areas) helps playability. Lamkin 3Gen grips feature a longer, less tapered design for added maneuverability and greater shock absorption. Available in a rust (pictured), black PVD or satin finish. An oversize Big Trusty Rusty wedge (10 percent larger) is available for those who want a bit more forgiveness.
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Nike VR Pro Forged DS $119; The versatile “Dual Sole” (DS) grind has plenty of “relief” in the heel, which allows you to open the clubface for flop shots and still have the leading edge sit low to the ground. The forged 1025 carbon steel heads have a “high-frequency X3X” groove pattern that packs more grooves closer together (and deeper) for a repeatable ball flight. A laser-etched “cross-hatch” surface texture is designed to boost spin on partial shots.
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Titleist Vokey Design SM4 $129; Inspired by the 2010 USGA rule limiting groove volume and edge sharpness, SM4 (“Spin Milled”) wedges are built with 17 individually made grooves. (More grooves mean that more edges contact the ball.) Each groove is inspected at the factory to ensure that it doesn’t exceed USGA limits. The 8620 carbon steel construction helps create a clubface that can be CNC-machined until it’s totally flat, has maximum face roughness (within the Rules of Golf), and can be heat treated to increase groove durability. Available in five sole grinds and three finish options (tour chrome, black nickel or oil can).