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Adams Speedline 9088UL $299, Recommended Swing Speed: Slow to Moderate (
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Bridgestone J40 430 $399, Recommended Swing Speed: Fast (100+ mph) Designed for better players, the pear-shaped 430cc head (available January 2012) is a versatile performer that generates a low to mid launch with low spin. The club's variable face thickness design should boost initial velocity on slight mis-hits. The deep face, long hosel, center-of-gravity location (relatively close to the hosel) and slight draw-bias setup contribute to its lowspin nature. A sister driver, the J40 445 (available October 2011), has a rounder shape, produces a mid to high launch and offers more forgiveness. SEE: Complete review TRY: GolfTEC, Golfsmith, Bridgestone fitting BUY: Bridgestone clubs on
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Cobra ZL Encore $399, Recommended Swing Speed: Moderate to Fast (85-100+ mph) Available in both black and all-white models, the latest multi-material ZL (titanium body and carbon crown) features three adjustable face settings (2 degrees open, neutral or 2 degrees closed). A taller, more elliptical face design than the original ZL boosts ball speed on shots hit low-heel to high-toe. The elliptical pattern also enlarges the sweet zone by 30 percent for improved accuracy. "Dual roll" face curvature — more roll (radius) high on the face to increase launch angle; flatter roll low on the face to essentially increase launch without increasing spin — should produce more consistent performance and longer drives. SEE: Complete review, video TRY: GolfTEC, Golfsmith, Cobra fitting BUY: Cobra drivers on
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Titleist 910D2 $399, Recommended Swing Speed: Moderate (85-100 mph) A new loft option—12 degrees—extends Titleist's reach to a broader range of golfers, including seniors and women. Designed for moderate-speed players (75 to 90 mph swing speed equates to 110 to 130 mph ball speed), the additional loft provides enough launch and spin to get the ball into the air and keep it there for increased carry distance. In testing, Titleist found that 12 degrees is the optimal loft for this "speed" group, although players who swing the club slower than 75 mph (110 mph ball speed) could benefit from even more loft, which they can get by adjusting the SureFit hosel (up to 13.5 degrees loft). SEE: Complete review, video TRY: Titleist fitting BUY: Titleist 910D2 on
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Wilson Staff DXi Superlight $299, Recommended Swing Speed: Slow to Moderate (
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Yonex Ezone SD $299, graphite; Recommended Swing Speed: Slow to Moderate (