PGA Tour stars and female celebrities

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Sexy SwingersWe asked the PGA Tour's biggest stars to name the female celebrity they'd most like to, ahem, give a lesson to. No one was brave (or foolish) enough to pick Tiger's wife, but these dream dates are more at home being knockouts on the red carpet than hitting knockdowns on the range. Find out which PGA pro has a "Rollergirl" fantasy. Anna Kournikova Retired tennis player, 26 "She doesn't do much these days. I'd give her a few lessons and she could give me tennis lessons." - Charley Hoffman
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Jessica Alba Actress, 26 "She seems like she can listen, like she's athletic enough. Fantastic Four!" - Hunter Mahan
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Halle Berry Actress, 40 "Because she's beautiful, to say it nicely." - Brett Wetterich
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Julia Roberts Actress, 39 "Just always admired her. Let's leave it at that." - David Toms
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Elizabeth Hurley Actress and model, 42 "She's gorgeous in the Austin Powers movie." - Jason Gore
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Kathy Ireland Supermodel, 44 "She's always been in my top five." - Todd Hamilton
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Heather Graham Actress, 37 "Rollergirl!" - Stuart Appleby
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Jessica Rabbit Sultry cartoon singer "Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel (left). If Jessica Rabbit (top left) were real, that'd be good, too." - Pat Perez
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Jessica Alba (again!) "She's kind of a sports nut. I know she's a big basketball fan and watches all the playoffs. I've seen her surfing. My wife buys all those US Weekly magazines, and seeing her surfing on the beach in her bikini isn't that bad. I don't know if we can get her in a bikini hitting golf balls - that probably wouldn't be too bad." - J.J. Henry