The Setup Secret for Shaping Shots

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The Setup Secret for Shaping Shots Choose fade or draw by changing the way you step into the shot. By Jerry Mowlds Top 100 Teacher This story is for you if... • You're not confident in your ability to shape shots • You set up the same for all your tee shots • You open the face of the club for a fade and sometimes push it right Start Here!Stand to the ball with your feet a few inches apart and the ball positioned off the middle of your left foot.
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TO HIT A DRAW: Step forward and out with your left foot. Notice how this move positions the ball back between the center of your chest and your right foot and naturally tilts your spine to the right. With the ball teed here you're forced to make a more in-to-out downswing, which automatically puts right-to-left sidespin on the ball. Try to swing out at the right side of the fairway.
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TO HIT A FADE: Step back and out with your right foot. This time, notice how the ball moves forward in your stance and points your shoulders left of the target. (You should feel your spine leaning slightly toward the target as well.) This ball position forces you to make a more descending, across-the-line blow and generate left-to-right spin. Try to swing down the left side of the fairway.