Scotty Cameron’s Studio

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All the work gets done behind this door.
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Making putters has given Cameron plenty of experience bending metal, a skill that he uses to make sculptures that are scattered here and there in his building.
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Ball markers and belt buckles like these on display in the lobby of Cameron's building are highly-prized by collectors.
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When players come to Cameron's studio to have their putting strokes analyzed and their putters tweaked, they hit numerous putters in this room with high-speed cameras watching. The walls are lined with all kinds of Cameron commemoratives.
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Along the walls of the putting studio are several cases that hold unique putters, prototypes and special clubs.
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Several large panels of thank you notes to Scotty and his fitters line the walls of the studio. This one features Davis Love, Mark O'Meara, Jim Furyk, Justin Leonard, Bob Tway, Paula Creamer, Jay Haas and Corey Pavin.
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Pros and amateurs alike have lots of colors and styles to choose from.
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Anyone can have a Scotty Cameron putter customized at Scotty's Custom Shop. Once it arrives, every putter is carefully labeled and put on a rack before it's rolled to the proper workstation.
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This Santa Fe putter was refurbished, which involved unscrewing and removing its Tyrilium insert. Once it's ready, the insert will be affixed once again, using four tiny screws.
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Cameron doesn't do a lot of the grinding these days, but he still makes sparks fly from time to time.
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Paint is liberally added over the stamped areas of putters, and then a scraper is used to remove all the paint that doesn't seep into the depressed areas.
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Most of the weights added to the soles of putters are red, but these customized weights have a black paintfill.
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After being polished and painted, these Scotty Cameron putters look like new again.
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Cameron and his design team make lots of different putter headcovers every year.
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Rickie Fowler, who loves motorcycles, has been coming to Cameron's studios since he was an amateur star. While waiting for some work to be completed on his putter one day, he drew this bike on a workbench.