Scenes From the PGA Merchandise Show

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It wasn't hard to find the Puma tent at Demo Day on Tuesday, and the free Red Bull and vodkas served inside made it easy for to stay there.
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Dave Stockton gives a putting tip at the Nike putting green at Demo Day on Tuesday at Orange National Golf Center. Stockton spent all morning on the greens and was generous with the same putting advice he gives to guys like Rory McIlroy.
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Tabatha Burton and Christine Morse keep the peace at the Fujikura Golf tent at Demo Day on Tuesday.
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"Book 'em, Danno!" Christine Morse greets a Demo Day attendee at the Fujikura Golf tent.
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Adams Golf sets up camp at the Orange County National driving range in Winter Garden, Fla., for Demo Day on Tuesday.
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A view of the driving range at Orange Couny National Golf Center. The range stretches out in a giant circle, and all 360 degrees were filled up with vendors on Tuesday for Demo Day.
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Orlando's KBBQ Box serves seriously good Korean-American fusion food from its yellow truck, and drew a line of hungry range rats at Demo Day on Tuesday.
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At Demo Day, PGA professionals walk around a giant circular driving range and stop in at any tent to grab a club and start testing it, like these Titleist drivers.
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Sydney Bowden, left, and Casey Luckey promote Bullet Golf Balls at the PGA Merchandise Show on Wednesday.
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College and pro sports-themed golf gear was popular at the PGA Merchandise Show. Here is a Patriots golf bag from Team Golf.
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"I'm playing the Heisenberg..." The best ball stencil we've ever seen was at the Tin Cup Marker booth at the PGA Merchandise Show. Available for $19.95 at
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Donald Trump signs autographs Wednesday after appearing on the State of the Industry Panel at the PGA Merchandise Show. During the panel, Trump joked that even bad economic times can create opportunities. "I love failed golf courses," he said. "I buy them at a discount then I make them great."
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Odyssey Golf brought out the big gun to promote its line of "Tank" putters.
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How could you ever improve on an Italian vacation? Add some golf. Sara Zucchini of Golf Region Lake Garda talked with convention attendees Wednesday about beautiful golf courses within an hour of Venice and Milan, including Matteo Manassero's home track.
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The idea behind the green Mantis Golf putter is that the green color will blend in with the grass so you can focus on the ball, not the putter. Available in blade or mallet styles for $159.99 at
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Lee Trevino deep in conversation with a fan Wednesday at the Yamaha Golf-Car booth at the Orlando Convention Center.
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PSP Golf makes 7-irons with a clubface barely larger than a golf ball to help you make better contact. These tiny clubs are endorsed by Sean Foley, not, as you might expect, by Ian Woosnam. You can buy the club for $99.95 at
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Easy Glove eliminates the need for actually saying your drink order to the beverage cart attendant. Prices start at $15 at
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Models Chelsey Voogt, left, and Ashley M. Lands greet guests at the Tour Edge booth at the Orlando Convention Center on Wednesday.
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The Tom Morris golf brand -- operated by the St. Andrews Links Trust -- has turned Old Tom into a style icon. Here's a cap from the new line. For more information, check out
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A replica of the original Open Championship belt -- that predates the Claret Jug -- is displayed at the Tom Morris booth at the PGA Merchandise Show. Old Tom Morris built Prestwick Golf Club, site of the first Open Championship in 1861, and was a four-time Open winner.
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Retirement clearly agrees with Annika Sorenstam, who had a busy Wedneday at the PGA Merchandise Show. She opened the show by hitting a drive inside the convention center and later appeared on a State of the Industry Panel with Donald Trump. For what it's worth, Sorenstam said she won't be coming back to play in the 2016 Olympic Games.
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Classic Harding Park Ts from Ouray Sportswear. Too bad most golf courses would never let you wear them to play.
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We had our first GolfBoard sighting at the PGA Merchandise Show on Wednesday. The verdict: Way cooler than a Segway. Available for purchase for $3,595 at
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You can't play disco golf without a chrome golf ball, just $9.95 for three-ball sleeve from Chromax Golf.
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Maide -- a golf line started by online men's clothing store Bonobos -- offers elegant contemporary golf clothers, "khakis without diaper butt," as they putt it. For more information, visit Bonobos website.
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A bust of Bill Murray as Carl Spackler is the perfect gift for your friend who's a little too into “Caddyshack”. For more info, visit artist David O'Keefe's website.
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Melissa Ragini, left, and Rachael McNamara demostrated Pro Putt Systems' indoor putting greens for PGA Show attendees on Thursday. For more information, visit
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Win Win Style from Japan makes golf bags that are works of art. For more information, visit
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Burton Brooks, left, and Dan R. Helton enjoy a completely legal electonic cigar at the PGA Show on Thursday. Helton says he quit a 20-year cigar habit and only smokes e-cigars now. For more information, visit
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The Big Foot cart is a self-propelled, hands-free caddy cart. Sasquatch not included. For more information, visit
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Twenty-time PGA Tour winner Doug Sanders still looks marvelous at age 80. Sanders greeted PGA Show attendees at the Firecracker Tee booth on Thurday. For more information, visit
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At one time, Doug Sanders owned 359 pairs of shoes. Here is a close-up of the pink kicks he wore Thursday.
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Alison Skipper and Jimmy Howell serve John Daly Pizza -- "Grip it and eat it!" -- to hungry PGA Show attendees on Thursday. For more information, visit