Rory McIlroy: What’s In My Bag

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Rory McIlroy on what clubs he plays and why -- in his own words. Learn McIlroy's favorite club, why it's so hard for him to change fairway woods and his advice on how to find the right ball for your game.
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Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour Driver (8.5 Degree) With Kuro Kage XTS 70X Shaft: "A few features that differ from the Covert I was using before is that it’s a bigger head -- 460 ccs -- which I was a little more comfortable with. It has a little bit longer face, so face rotation through the ball, I felt like I could do a little bit more with it. This driver for me spins a little bit more, which I like, especially on the golf course because it makes it more playable and I can hit the shots I want to hit. This has been a really good addition to the bag since I put it in and it’s been a big help to my game."
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Nike RZN Black Ball: "I honestly think the golf ball begins around the greens. It has to feel right to you with your chip shots, with your putting. Then you work back from there. For me, the RZN Black is a little softer than the one I was playing before. It was great for me around the greens, it felt a little duller or deader and I got a little bit more spin around the greens and kept a similar amount of spin with the iron shots. And when I paired it up with the driver, I knew that I had it then. It was the best driver-ball combo I’ve ever had and it still is."
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Nike VRS Covert 3-Wood (15 Degree): I’m hitting a 3-wood 300 yards off the tee and the 5-wood gets up around 280. They’re good additions to have in your bag, especially off the tee when you need to hit a fairway, you can still get it out there a little bit.
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Nike VRS Covert 5-Wood (19 Degree): "Fairway woods are very individual. If you find a fairway wood you like it’s hard to come off it. A fairway wood for me needs to be versatile. You need to hit it off a tee, you need to be able to hit it into the green, you need to be able to shape it both ways."
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Nike VR Pro Blade 6-Iron With Project X Steel Shaft: "My favorite club when I’m practicing is probably my 6-iron. That’s the club I go to when I hit balls or do drills. It’s not quite a long iron or a short iron, it’s right in the middle. If you look at my proximity to the hole in the PGA Tour stats from 175-200 yards, it’s probably in the top 5 every year just because I practice so much with my 6-iron."
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Nike VR Pro Blade 3-Iron With Project X Steel Shaft: "At the minute I’ll have a 3-iron in the bag. Sometimes I won’t put the 3-iron in and start with the 4 and carry 4 wedges."
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Nike VR Pro Blade 4-Iron With Project X Steel Shaft: "The irons have been in the bag ever since I came on board with Nike. The VR Pros are a very traditional blade, very playable and manageable."
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Nike VR Pro Blade Iron With Project X Steel Shaft: "I can hit the ball high or low with the VR Pros. They’re very versatile. They have quite a thin sole so they get through the turf quickly, which I like."
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Nike Method 006 Method Putter: "I’m very comfortable with it. Putters are very similar to fairway woods, once you find one you like, it’s hard to come off it. I don’t know if it’s a sentimental thing or you just get used to seeing putts go in with it."
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Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep Wedge (59 degree): "It is easier to play on some shots when you need to work really hard to keep the club open. This club really slides through the thick grass and that really gives me confidence to stay aggressive when I miss the green. I’ve always been someone with not a lot of bounce to my wedges but I think it’s helped my bunker play as well."
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On Getting Used To New Clubs: "It might take two or three months to get used to what you're playing. It's more just trusting it's going to do what you want it to do when you're out on the course."