Six new putters

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Roll with it Six smooth putters put you on the path to righteous scores SeeMore m2 SeeMore putters employ what the company calls "RifleScope" technology. Two white stripes on the topline frame the black portion of the shaft. You know you're misaligned at address when you see the red bubble. Looks-wise, the m2 — milled head, satin finish, and heel-shafted design — is light years ahead of its predecessors. (SeeMore putters typically are center-shafted.) Expect the new look to resonate with a wider audience. $325; • 6 More Putters Tested
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TaylorMade Rossa Daytona #1 Two numbers are worth noting — 12 and 14. Previously, Rossa models featured 12 milled face grooves. The classically appointed, stainless steel Daytona #1 has 14 grooves packed closer together. TaylorMade techies believe that orienting grooves in this manner puts more positive spin (less backspin) on the ball for a truer roll. The actual grooves are filled with polymer to soften feel. $199; • Go to Equipment Finder profile to tell us what you think and see what other readers said about this club. Masters speed control with one easy drill
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Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman Blade As the 4 million-plus owners of an Odyssey 2-ball putter will attest, the company knows a thing or two about incorporating alignment devices. The Marxman Blade has a compelling optics story: two bold white stripes get you pointed down the intended line with ease. Its White Hot XG face insert — a firm, thin urethane cover with elastomer backing — feels soft, yet transmits plenty of feedback. The response is simply superior to old plastic inserts that feel dead. Also available in a mallet. $215; Video: Putting Basics
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Mizuno by Bettinardi C-06Bettinardi putters ooze smooth, precise impact feel. This solid block of carbon steel is face-balanced to promote a straight-back, straight-through stroke. In addition, the hosel-less design gives you a clear view of the ball. You won't find face grooves, either. Designer Bob Bettinardi contends that grooves do not help putts to start rolling sooner. What matters, he says, is proper loft: Too much loft causes the ball to hop; too little loft causes the ball to skid. $270; Video: Learn more about Bettinardi C Series Putters
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Yes! Golf Abbie C-Groove putters are gaining momentum in the market due to their distinct look and feel. The Abbie, milled from forged carbon steel, features the firm's concentric groove pattern across the face. Company officials claim the edges of the grooves limit skid, so the ball begins rolling sooner. Abbie comes in upright and flat lies, too. $300; Video: Green Reading Basics
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Titleist Newport 2 Detour Last year, Titleist unveiled the unconventional-looking Detour. With its long arched appendage and curved alignment line, the Detour instantly shows you proper stroke path. These visuals are still apparent, yet toned down, in the far more attractive Newport 2 Detour. Its stainless steel head has an aluminum face (actually, the hitting area is the front of the appendage). A 10-gram back weight (hidden from view) increases the head's MOI (moment of inertia). $300; Lose your fear of long putts forever