Quotes of the Week: Zurich Classic

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“He doesn't have the bad thoughts. You know, at 34 years old, I've hit enough bad shots where now I get to worry about them. But he doesn't see that yet.” --Bubba Watson on the secret of 14-year-old Tianlang Guan's success.
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"People say, Should Tiger have withdrawn himself?' I don't think so at all. If Tiger did that, he'd be putting himself in a position of saying, 'I'm above the rules.' You accept the ruling whether it's good or bad for you." --Jack Nicklaus on Tiger Woods's controversial ruling at the 2013 Masters.
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“It was definitely a DQ, and I just think the officials misinterpreted the rule completely. That rule was meant for something that you were unaware of that you did. I just think they got it wrong at the end.” --Louis Oostheizen on Tiger Woods’ infamous ruling at the 2013 Masters.
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“It’s like cheating. I swear to God. This is the easiest thing I’ve ever seen to putt with, is that belly putter.” --Lee Trevino on trying the belly putter for the first time at the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf.
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"To think the R&A might say to a club like Muirfield, 'You are not going to have The Open anymore unless you change your policy,' is frankly a bullying position that we would never take." --R&A Chief Executive Peter Dawson on the British Open being played this summer at Muirfield, which has no female members.
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“I would really appreciate if they could actually turn off their cell phones so they can this enjoy the golf match itself.” --Y.E. Yang on galleries at the Ballantine’s Championship in South Korea.
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“Did you ever think you’d see the day where I was longer than Jack Nicklaus?” --Gary Player ribbing partner Jack Nicklaus at the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf.
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“I had to walk through it again on my way out, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.” --Masters patron “Bob” on Augusta National’s new Berckmans Place hospitality area with three restaurants, an oyster bar and three replica putting greens.
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“It's still a game and I treat it that way. If most guys [on the PGA Tour] would treat it that way, it would be a lot more fun for everyone to watch. If they would have more fun, they'd be better for it." --Rocco Mediate at the Liberty Mutual Legend of Golf.
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"To tell the truth, he does play slow." Carl Yuan, a 16-year-old from China, on Tianlang Guan, who was penalized for slow play at the Masters. Yuan has played amateur events with Guan.