Quotes of the Week: Quail Hollow

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“Oh, yesterday, I don't know. It happens a lot.” --Phil Mickelson on when was the last time he hit a spectator.
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"I could see that the fairway was spotless the first time he played the shot and there was that divot hole, maybe three or four feet in front of where he played after the drop." --Champions tour golfer David Eger on spotting Tiger’s illegal drop at the Masters while watching on television. Eger notified Augusta officials of the violation.
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“He admitted in an article that he had used this substance; it is tantamount to a positive test under our rules.” --PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem on why the PGA Tour tried to sanction Vijay Singh for using deer antler spray that contained IGF‑1, a growth factor on prohibited by the PGA Tour.
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"I’ve got a problem with that as a player. Because now it’s on the banned substance list, so there’s no gray area. Either he did or he didn’t. He admitted he did, but he got no punishment. I just think it’s going to open the door for a lot of bad things to happen.” --Tommy Gainey on Vijay Singh escaping Tour sanction for using a banned substance.
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“Actually my relationship with the players is a lot better now. I've been pretty easy on the guys ‑‑ not that I was trying to kill everybody -- for a couple years now." --Johnny Miller on mellowing as a golf announcer.
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“I don't mind because I'm not a guy that relies on my putting, per se.” --Rory McIlroy on the poor condition of the greens at Quail Hollow.
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“You didn't dare stick your bag down hunting for a golf ball because you would lose the bag and if you had a short caddie, you would lose him, too.” --Jack Nicklaus on Muirfield, site of the 2013 British Open and where he won the 1966 British Open.
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“I think it’s bad for the game of golf. [But] I’m going to use everything, if something’s going to help me for the next three and a half years, I’m going to use it.” --Padraig Harrington on why he’s using an anchored putter even though he believes it should be banned.
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“I'm quite certain if a professional had done the same thing as a young 14 year old had done, he'd have had a penalty too, but they are perhaps more wily than that.” --R&A chief executive Peter Dawson on 14-year-old Guan Tianlang being penalized for slow play at the 2013 Masters.
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“We had a good party from what I can remember and people keep telling me.” --Lee Westwood on his recent 40th birthday party.
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“I'm hitting it so far, I hear it land.” --Arnold Palmer at the Insperity Championship at the Woodlands, Texas.