Dr. David Wright’s Power Angle for golf

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Discover Your Power Angle Even if your swing lacks power, you have a Power Angle. It's part of you, embedded in your DNA and in your physique. To locate it, stand with your feet together and your arms hanging freely at your sides. Now turn your palms so that they face directly away from you. Notice how this causes your forearms to angle away from vertical. This angle — as you see illustrated — is your personal, constant Power Angle. You'll notice that Reggie and I have slight differences in our angles, based on our different bodies. That's the key — everyone has their own unique Power Angle. I call it the Power Angle because it's the arm position that allows you to generate — you guessed it — the most power, whether you're lifting weights, carrying wood or swinging a club. It's important to understand that your Power Angle isn't a simple static measurement. It pops up all over your swing — in your arms, legs, spine and in your clubshaft. Good players have found a way to repeat their Power Angle without even knowing it existed. My research puts you one step ahead, whether your goal is more home runs or longer, more accurate drives.
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Start Position At the ready position you'll see and feel that in a proper stance your Power Angle repeats itself in multiple places. This is not a coincidence. Repeating your Power Angle throughout your stance is your body's way of finding balance and setting you up to make the most efficient motion.
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Impact At the moment of truth — whether it's hitting a clutch tee shot or driving in the winning run — the angle is maintained, and again appears in several spots, but only if you nail two other critical factors: grip size and stance width.
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Missing Links In the photo I've slightly narrowed my stance (about 1 1/2 inches). Reggie is swinging a bat without any tape wrap (his grip is wrapped in the photos). Notice how we've both lost some of our Power Angles as a result. Correct stance width and grip size are critical elements to finding and tapping the energy of your Power Angle. Without them, your Power Angle means nothing. If you don't know your correct stance width and grip size, we've developed a formula to guide you through the process. Follow these instructions and you'll be on your way to a faster, more efficient swing.