Pigskin Players

Pigskin Players These four NFL quarterbacks keep their irons in the fire By Shayna Halper Aaron Rodgers AGE: 24 TEAM: GREEN BAY PACKERS HANDICAP: 6 OR 7 I started playing: 10 years ago My dream foursome: Trent Dilfer, Marisa Miller and Scarlett Johansson My favorite thing about golf: It's challenging. You never really have it totally figured out. With the competitive nature and difficulty of hitting a small ball into a small hole, one great shot makes you want to play again. Golf vs. football: When I play football, I feel like I can throw the ball wherever I want to every time, but I can't hit [a golf ball] where I want every time. My favorite course: Edgewood, Tahoe's lakeside course.
Carson Palmer AGE: 28 TEAM: CINCINNATI BENGALS HANDICAP: 12 since I don't play consistently I started playing: At 5 or 6, but I didn't get serious until after college. My dream foursome: Tiger, Phil and John Daly. My favorite thing about golf: The challenge. I play with buddies a lot. It gets competitive and makes you want to get better and beat your best score. Golf vs. football: The mental side [is similar]. You can't let a bad play affect the next one. It's the mental side of moving on from a bad play and taking on the next. My favorite course: The most beautiful and breathtaking I've seen is Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand.
Trent Dilfer AGE: 36 TEAM: SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS HANDICAP: +2.5 I started playing: 12 years ago My dream foursome: Tiger, Jack Nicklaus and Aaron Rodgers. My favorite thing about golf: The same as my least favorite, the challenge. No matter how good you are, you're never as good as you want to be. Golf vs. football: Golf is much more skill oriented and not as instinctive. There's a lot of brain time to get in the way of the body. My favorite course: Cypress Point Golf Club in Pebble Beach, Calif.
Matt Leinart AGE: 25 TEAM: ARIZONA CARDINALS HANDICAP: N/A I started playing: Over the last year. My dream foursome: Tiger, Michael Jordan, and the President of the United States. My favorite thing about golf: You can hit a really bad shot and get mad, but then you can come back and hit a shot two inches from the pin and it's the greatest feeling in the world Golf vs. football: Totally different game. Football is mental, but more of a physical game. When you see Tiger measuring the wind and stuff, that's when it gets detailed, which makes it [golf] really different from football. It's all mental, and golf can really easily frustrate you. My favorite course: The Bridges, in San Diego.