PGA Tour Players Anonymous Poll 2013

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Who will win another major first, Tiger or Phil? Tiger: 90% Phil: 10% Loose lips: “Phil will contend at Augusta all the way into his 50s. It’ll be the last tournament he’s physically capable of winning.”
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Have you ever witnessed another Tour pro cheat? Yes: 38% No: 62% Loose lips: “Yes, and it was knowingly. Everybody knows who he is, and everybody knows he does it.” “Yes, and it’s the same two players—it’s terrible.” “How many yeses do you have? Isn’t that crazy? You’d expect it in high school golf or something, but not out here.”
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Do you care if this year’s British Open venue (Muirfield) doesn’t allow women members? Yes: 6% No: 94% Loose lips: “No, but they’re allowed in the clubhouse now. I played in ’02 when they first allowed that and I remember what a big deal it was. I went in with some people, one of whom was a woman.” “Yes, because I don’t think it helps promote the game of golf not to—an Open Championship should be open. That’s what makes it different from Augusta National is the term ‘Open.’” “Yes—if Augusta National can admit a woman…”
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True or False: More tournaments on the PGA Tour are determined by someone losing it than someone else winning it. True: 36% False: 64% Loose lips: “True—especially this year.” “False—it’s actually 50-50.” (Photo: Adam Scott at the 2012 British Open. Scott made bogey on the last four holes and finished second to Ernie Els.)
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If Augusta National created its own golf ball and prohibited all others, would you still play in The Masters? Yes: 100% No: 0% Loose lips: “I’d play there if they made me use wooden clubs.” “Seriously? That’s a question?” “Yes, but they’d have to roll back the course to the way it was, moving the tees up and starting to mow fairways from tee to green.”
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Have you ever seen another Tour pro use drugs? Yes: 22% No: 78% Loose lips: “Is marijuana a drug?”
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True or False: The PGA Tour will remain the premier tour even without paying appearance fees. True: 96% False: 4% Loose lips: “Who says they’re not already paying appearance fees right now? To get the best players to come to your non-special event, you have to get the money to him somehow, and there’s always a loophole.” “The question is flawed because it’s not even the best tour now.” (Photo: PGA Tour commisioner Tim Finchem)
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True or False: Most young players coming onto the Tour today are over-coached. True: 72% False: 24% Don’t know: 4% Loose lips: “Most young players are overcoached. Most young players coming onto the Tour are not overcoached—that’s why they’re on Tour.” (Photo: Butch Harmon with Rickie Fowler.)
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Would you rather play 18 with Barack Obama or George W. Bush? Obama: 18% Bush: 78% Don’t care/neither: 4% Loose lips: “Barack. I wouldn’t vote for him, but I think he’d be interesting to talk to. I’d want to ask him a bunch of questions.” “I just played with W two Mondays ago at the First Tee outing at Pebble Beach and we had a great time.”
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True or False: The PGA Tour's drug program has been a success. True: 58% No: 32% Don’t know: 10% Loose lips: “It’s totally unnecessary, and it’s a hassle.” “Nobody’s taking steroids, so does that make it a success, or pointless?” “False. There are things out there that don’t show up in urine. You need a blood test for HGH.” “False. If Tiger tested positive, the Tour would look the other way. He means that much to their brand, and there are only two people who know. And there are others who would get the same free pass.” “False. They don’t reveal the results, and I know people who have taken stuff and not gotten caught.”
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Are mental game coaches worth the money? Yes: 58% No: 32% It depends: 10% Loose lips: “Depends how much you’re payin’ ’em.” “Yes, especially for guys in need of clinical help.” “Anything they say is in their books anyway, so no.” “Considering the game is 95% mental, yes.” “I spent $5,000 to see Bob Rotella five years ago, and I have five Tour wins ever since—best investment in my game I ever made.” (Photo: Mental-game coach Bob Rotella with Henrik Stenson.)
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True or False: The Players Championship is better off having moved from March to May. True: 66% False: 22% Don’t know/never played it in March: 12% Loose lips: “I liked it better when it sort of marked the start of the golf season in March, but it’s a better course in May.” “False—the grass. I’m not a Bermuda fan. It was nice when they overseeded.” “False—the condition of the golf course was much better in March. It’s meant to play slightly softer than what it does now on Sunday, when the ball bounces away from the hole locations.” “For $9.5 million, it’s good any time of year.”
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Have you ever tanked a Friday round to miss a cut on purpose? Yes: 2% No: 98% Loose lips: “Not a chance. I can’t believe guys would do that. I grind as hard as I can.” “No way—there’s nothing worse than missing the cut.” “I’ve hit it on the walk, but I wouldn’t say I tanked on purpose.” “I did tank a Saturday round on purpose to MDF. I got off to a terrible start and started playing all these completely crazy shots.”
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True or False: I understand the FedEx Cup. True: 50% False: 50% Loose lips: “False. How can Rory McIlroy win twice and not win it? Something is way out of whack with the math.” “Hell no.” “True—but then I was a math major in college.” “Barely—it only took me five years.” “True?”