Masters Tournament Press Conference Highlights

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Quotes of the Day: Sunday Q. Your strength has always been playing for the moment. I just wonder, with all the talk of the Slam, was there anything in your mind about that at all? You were the one, of course, who first presented it and we jumped all over it. Tiger Woods: I learned my lesson there with the press. I'm not going to say anything. It's just one of those things when you're out there playing, you couldn't care less. You're trying to win a golf tournament.
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Q. You've had good days before; how different is the Justin Rose of today to the guy who had those good days before? Justin Rose: That's a good question. I think obviously the score that I churned out today was a lot more through course management, strategy, experience rather than just hitting great shots, you know, which it may have been in 2004.
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Q. How about the reaction (to the hole-in-one)? How did that feel? Ian Poulter: Massive. Unbelievable buzz ... It was a special moment, and the hairs on the back of your neck were standing up. It was great.
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Q. Amen Corner is coming back to hurt a lot of players. Boo Weekley: What's Amen Corner? Is it 12? Why is that a corner? It should be 12, 13, and 14, shouldn't it? Well you got me there.
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Q. How much of a sense of relief was there when you actually were able to tee a ball up and hit it there on the first hole? Zach Johnson: Yeah, I mean, relief might be a little strong, but just, you know, I was just anxious. I was anxious. I mean, I was ready to go. I was ready probably last week.
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Q. Anything that you saw today, or will see tomorrow, that would make you change your mind about playing next year? Gary Player: No. If I can shoot around 80 — if I have a good day, I still putt very well, and my short game is still very good. But I really — I have been playing very nicely, and I played very poorly today, really, except the back nine.
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Quotes of the Day: Wednesday Q. Tiger mentioned yesterday that he is not playing in (the Par-3 contest); is that any bother to you guys at all or what's your feeling? Chairman Billy Payne: No. I think all golfers choose to prepare differently for the Masters Tournament. We are delighted that the overwhelming majority are playing. And I will tell you that I have instructed them to save for the future those little caddie uniforms in (Tiger's daughter's) size.
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Quotes of the Day: Tuesday Q. Going back to how your father used to find distractions so you could learn to deal with that, would he stand with a camera or mobile there? Tiger Woods: We didn't have those things then.
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Q. You made a comment earlier this year that winning all four in a calendar year, all four majors, was possible; has anything happened so far to dissuade you from that opinion? Tiger Woods: No.
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Q. Speaking of the Par 3, (Ian) Poulter told us if he had the lead on the ninth tee, he would put it in the middle of the green and let his son putt out. Do you believe in the jinx? Phil Mickelson: No. I'd love to be the first to win them both, but I just have not ever had a chance to win the Par 3. My caddie gave me some terrible reads last year. Of course, she was only five.
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Q. Does the leaderboard that we saw at Doral give any indications as to what we might expect this week? Phil Mickelson: I hope not. I wasn't on it.
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Q. Is (Butch Harmon) on you in any way emotionally, or just not beat you up but -- Ernie Els: He can challenge me. I think I'm a big enough boy, I can take it, you know, as long as he can take it.
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Q. What do you hate about the gym so much? Is it just boring, or the smell, or what? Justin Rose: What kind of gyms do you know?
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Q. You may have heard they are showing the Par 3 Contest on TV this year -- Padraig Harrington: Yeah, I'm going out to practice.
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Quotes of the Day: Thursday Q. Why did you say it plays more like a U.S. Open? Tiger Woods: Well, there's really no roars out there anymore because you can't — it's hard to make the eagles and the big birdies. The golf course is playing so much more difficult now being longer, and it has dried out this week. As the week has gone on it's gotten drier and it's going to get more that way towards Sunday.
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Q. Your reaction on 13, did you think it was going in? Steve Flesch: I thought it was over the green ... I was going to try to make a point to my caddie that it wasn't the right club. Then you heard the crowd kind of reacting and he goes, "Dude, I told you it was the right bat." And I said, "Yeah, you're right. Good call."
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Gary Player on Trevor Immelman: He played incredible golf today. His swing is absolutely the closest that I have seen to Ben Hogan, and I've always thought that Ben Hogan was the best striker of the ball from tee to green that I ever saw ...
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Q. You know you're the first player since Ray Floyd to have led all the four days. Trevor Immelman: Yeah, I don't know how I did that either. (Laughter.) But obviously that's some pretty incredible company to be keeping there. Those are the guys that I grew up watching win this championship back home in South Africa.
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Q. When you look back, what makes you shake your head and say ,"If only this had been a little better"? Phil Mickelson: I think I've been neglecting (putting) a little bit working on the ball-striking aspect. When I come back in a couple weeks hopefully I'll have that straightened out.
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Q. Triple was posted on the 6th for you there. You took five? Ian Poulter: Yeah, I took five. Yeah. Q. They have you for a triple. Ian Poulter: Oh, really. That's not very nice, is it?
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Q. I know it was tough for you, but nobody was really doing anything with the golf course. What is it about today and this golf course that created such problems? Brandt Snedeker: Had to be the swirling wind. You just never really felt comfortable no matter how good you're playing or how well you thought you were striking the golf ball.
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Quotes of the Day: Saturday Q. Is it an important notch in your belt to win a major coming from behind or does it not matter? Tiger Woods: You want to win the Masters, period. Doesn't really matter how you do it as long as you do it.
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Q. Nobody expects rounds like this out of you. Was there anything in the round that didn't feel right for you? Phil Mickelson: I don't know where it really came from because I felt like I was hitting the ball well, I was hitting some good putts. I don't know what happened.
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Q. What makes it so much different in a major to have to play on Sunday with the lead than any other tournament? Trevor Immelman: I don't know. I've never had the lead in a major going into the final round, so I have no clue how to answer your question.
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Q. And the reason why you're playing so well? Paul Casey: You know, I'm very, very happy with the state of my game. I haven't played good golf coming into this tournament. So far this year it's been a little lackluster. But I really feel the season begins here.
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Q. After yesterday, how does it feel to post such a low number today? Zach Johnson: Yeah, it feels good. The pressure is off. It should always be off because I'm not supposed to win, anyway.
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Quotes of the Day: Friday Q. Is it still fun playing this golf course or is it a grind? Phil Mickelson: It's always fun to come play here, but after the changes a few years ago, we don't see the same type of excitement and birdies that we're used to seeing.
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Q. What did you learn about yourself last year that you apply here now? Brandt Snedeker: I never really believed that I was as good as I ended up playing last year, and when you finally get back and take a full scope over my whole year last year, I realized I played some great golf.
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Q. What was it like playing with Boo (Weekley) these past couple of days? Trevor Immelman: Yeah, he's a great guy, and he has a lot of fans out there. Sean (O'Hair) and I were wondering what it's like, because even when he hits a good shot, they are like, "Boo!" So we were a little perplexed by that.
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Q. Was it a hawk flying over number 17? Boo Weekley: Yeah, his shadow came right over my ball right when I was fitting to get ready to draw it back.
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Q. And whenever somebody wins a tournament, like you won the tournament last year, they always say, well, it has not sunk in yet, the night that it happened. Was there a time later that it sunk in? Zach Johnson: It hits you about two weeks to a month after, and after that it hits you periodically. Every now and then, you wake up, and you're just like, go into your closet and, oh, yeah, forgot about that one.