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At address, the Nike VR_S Covert Performance driver features a red crown and a single white swoosh. The word "Covert" acts as the alignment aid.
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The central-back portion of the sole has been removed from the Covert Performance driver.
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Nike says the re-designed sole forces weight to the heel and toe areas, creating a more forgiving, perimeter-weighting effect.
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Nike's adjustable sleeve has been upgraded for the Covert Performance driver, allowing independent  adjustment of the face angle into three different settings; the club's loft can be set between 8.5  and 12.5 degrees.
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The NexCor face that Nike developed for last season's VR_S drivers has been used in the Covert Performance driver.
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The VR_S Covert Performance driver has a 460-cc head and is designed to maximize power.
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For golfers who want to shape their drives, Nike has designed the 430-cc VR_S Covert Tour driver.
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Like the Covert Performance driver, the Tour version has a large open area in the center-back portion of the sole.
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A non-adjustable weight screw in the club moves the center of gravity (CG) forward for a more penetrating ball flight.
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The VR_S Covert Tour has the same adjustable hosel and NexCor face as the larger VR_S Covert Performance driver, but its face has been finished in black instead of chrome. RELATED: Buy Nike VR_S Covert | VR_S Covert Tour on