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The Method Core Weighted MC11's shape was inspired by the putters used by Simon Dyson and Carl Pettersson.
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All the Method Core Weighted putters feature a face insert with partially-filled polymer grooves that are designed to grip the ball and get it rolling fast while still providing soft feel.
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With weights set far from the face, the MC11 resists twisting on off-center hits.
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The MC11 has a long alignment line running through the center of the top.
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The weights on the bottom of the MC01 lower its center of gravity and improve its swing weight.
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With a flowing shaft bend and heel-toe weighting, it's a familiar and timeless blade design.
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The Method Core Weighted MC01 has a single alignment line visible at address.
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Lots of golfers like the asymmetrical look of the MC03.
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It has a plumber's neck hosel and more mass in the toe for golfers who have a slight arc in their putting strokes.
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Like the other putters in the new line, it has two weights in the sole.